Süße Porridge Toppings im Glas

Porridge Toppings: 7 Recipes that taste like Dessert!

Be honest: you can beat the hype Porridge just don't understand, your oatmeal looks like prison porridge and unfortunately also tastes suspiciously like it? Then it's time for a game changer - with these porridge toppings! Blueberry cheesecake, carrot cake or baklava are not only delicious desserts, but as a porridge topping they make your extended breakfast a treat for the soul, including heartwarming childhood memories.

  1. Porridge Toppings: Die Basics
  2. Unusual porridge toppings for your sweet breakfast
  3. Tips when things have to go fast
  4. Why porridge toppings at all?

    Our recipes succeed with just a few ingredients that you may already have at home and are sweetened without refined sugar.

    Porridge Toppings: Die Basics

    If you don't have much time in the morning, you can take your warm cereal porridge to a new level with simple basics. You can vary porridge toppings as you wish and taste and always give your first meal of the day a different icing on the cake.

    Fresh fruit, fruit puree such as homemade applesauce or compote add vitamins and seasonal variety to your bowl. Sprinkle on your favorite nuts, seeds, kernels and dried fruit and top off your breakfast with nut butter or plant-based yogurt. Already is yours Bowl Topping complete and ready for a photo and your spoon.

    Unusual porridge toppings for your sweet breakfast

    The basics don't do justice to your way of celebrating your porridge? You want to inspire your morning company with unusual topping variations? Then get ready for these delicious recipes that will remind you of your favorite dessert and at the same time do without refined sugar. But be careful: Since these porridge toppings taste very intense, the base should be rather neutral. So use oatmeal or ours Super Porridge Original and avoid complex spice mixtures.

    1. Blueberry Cheesecake

    Porridge mit Blaubeeren

    This porridge topping delights with the creamy layer of yoghurt, vanilla and lemon juice. Depending on the season, you can enjoy the blueberry drip warm or cold. We use a handful of granola for the crispy base.

    Ingredients for 1 serving:

    • 2 tablespoons plant-based yogurt
    • 1 pinch of ground vanilla
    • 2 handfuls of blueberries (fresh or frozen)
    • 1 dash of lemon juice
    • 1 handful Original Crunchy Granola


      Mix yoghurt with vanilla and lemon juice to a smooth cream and spread on the porridge. Crumble the granola and add it to the porridge bowl as a second layer. Heat the blueberries in a saucepan and allow to cool to the desired temperature, then complete the porridge topping.

      1. Carrot Cake

      Carrot cake including a refreshing frosting - together with a creamy oat cappuccino, the Sunday afternoon is perfect. Wait a minute: Why only the afternoon? Simply top your porridge with these ingredients and your breakfast will turn into a carrot cake moment of happiness. Even if a raw carrot as a topping seems a bit wild at first - in combination with the sweet ingredients it is a great enrichment for your porridge.


      • 1 small carrot, finely grated
      • ½ apple, finely grated
      • 1 EL Rosinen
      • 1 Zimt socket
      • 3 walnut kernels, chopped
      • 2 tablespoons plant-based yogurt
      • syrup of your choice


        Finely grate the carrot and apple, chop the walnut kernels into small pieces. Mix with raisins and cinnamon and spread over the porridge. Cover with yogurt and sweeten with your choice of syrup.

        1. Zimtschnecke

        Do cinnamon rolls need any further explanation? They deliver the extra portion of hygge for cozy autumn days and are the soul food par excellence. Dates also contain large amounts of potassium, vitamins B and C, iron and fiber and make the start of the day that little bit better.


        • 3 dates
        • 1 pinch of ground vanilla
        • ½ tsp cinnamon
        • 2 tablespoons plant-based yogurt


          Cream the dates with a sip of water, vanilla and cinnamon and spread over the porridge. Mix the vanilla and yoghurt until creamy and use it to draw a spiral in the bowl.

          1. Banana Bread

          Porridge mit Banane, Nussmus und Schokolade

          Banana bread has not only been our faithful comforter since the lockdown. Why not simply combine it with porridge and create an unbeatable duo? The combination of banana, nuts, cinnamon and optionally a piece of chocolate makes a leisurely breakfast a treat for your taste buds.


          • 1 Banana
          • 1/2 tsp coconut blossom zucker
          • 1 handful of hazelnuts, walnuts or almonds
          • 1 Zimt socket
          • ½ tsp coconut oil
          • 1 TL Almond Candy Mandelmus
          • optional: a piece of vegan chocolate

            This is how the recipe works:

            Halve the banana lengthwise. Fry on both sides in a pan with a little coconut oil and coconut blossom sugar and caramelize. Add nuts and roast briefly. Spread fried banana, nuts and cinnamon on your porridge. Refine with the almond butter. Add chocolate if needed and enjoy the creamy experience.

            1. Apple Crumble

            Fruity, crunchy, vegan: This composition is reminiscent of apple crumble, but is prepared in just a few minutes. Depending on which apple varieties you use, the crispy apple cinnamon topping can be very sweet or rather sour.


            • 1 apple, cut into bite-sized pieces
            • 1 handful Original Crunchy Granola or chopped nuts
            • 1 Zimt socket
            • 1 tsp syrup of your choice


              Spread the sliced apple over the porridge together with the granola. Refine with cinnamon and syrup.

              You can vary your crispy porridge topping with other fruits depending on the season. Raspberries, peaches or plums are just as delicious and add even more variety to your breakfast.

              1. Red fruit jelly

              Rote Grütze in Weckgläsern

              Of course, the German classic should not be missing from our list. Red fruit jelly is not only great on vanilla pudding or sauce, but also as a porridge topping.


              • 125g berry mix, frozen
              • 40 ml cherry currant or cranberry juice
              • 1 tsp agave syrup
              • ½ tsp cornstarch
              • 2 tablespoons plant-based yogurt
              • 1 pinch of ground vanilla


                Set aside 2 tablespoons of the juice, put the rest in a saucepan and heat. Meanwhile, mix the cornstarch with the 2 tbsp juice. Add the berry mixture and agave syrup to the juice in the saucepan and bring to a boil. Add the cornstarch mixture and vanilla and bring to the boil again. Simmer for around 1 minute. When the mixture thickens, remove from the heat and allow to cool to the desired temperature, then pour over the porridge. Add yogurt and enjoy.

                Optional: If this method is too time-consuming for you, simply let the berries and the juice simmer together with 1 tablespoon of chia seeds. This is how a delicious one succeeds Cranberry Marmelade.

                1. Baklava

                The pastry, filled with nuts, marinated in syrup is not only incredibly sweet, but also incredibly delicious. As a topping on your porridge, this combo is a culinary short break.


                • 1 EL Pistazien
                • 1 tsp almonds
                • 1 tsp walnuts
                • 1 Zimt socket
                • 1 tbsp agave syrup


                  Chop the nuts. Spread over the porridge and refine with cinnamon and agave syrup.

                  Optional: Caramelize the nuts together with the agave syrup in a pan. They stick together like baklava and taste even more intense!

                  1. Tiramisu

                  Do you love the moment when your spoon breaks through the dark layer of cocoa powder, dips into a fluffy cream and finally feels a biscuit or porridge base? Then this simple topping is the best choice for you:


                  • 2 tablespoons plant-based yogurt
                  • 1 Vanilla Take
                  • ½ TL Cocoa Powder
                  • 1 Banana


                    Cut the banana into slices and spread on the porridge. Mix the yoghurt and vanilla until creamy and spread over the bananas. Sprinkle generously with cocoa powder, inhale La Dolce Vita and spoon away!

                    1. Chocolate peanut bar

                    A creamy caramel layer, crunchy peanuts and dark chocolate not only make a chocolate bar perfect, but also this porridge topping. The best choice for rainy Sundays or as an accompaniment for heartwarming conversations.



                      Stone the dates and cover with a sip of water in a small saucepan. Boil briefly. Puree with the vanilla to a creamy mass. Spread the cream on the porridge and sprinkle with peanuts and cocoa nibs. Top off with a dab of Wholey Sh*t.

                      Tips when things have to go fast

                      Porridges mit simplen Toppings auf rosa Hintergrund

                      Porridge and dessert for breakfast sounds too good to be true and especially after way too much time in the kitchen? You're at least partly right about that. Although our recipes only require a few ingredients and often do not require cooking, it often has to be quicker in the morning. So that your diet doesn't suffer from your love for every minute of sleep, we have a few tips for you:
                      1. Always have two to three of your favorite foods ready, which together with your porridge form a tasty and healthy meal. Frozen berries or fresh apples in combination with pumpkin seeds or almonds are suitable for this.

                      2. Watch your pantry. Vegan breakfast basics should always be in your closet.

                      3. It doesn't always have to be homemade. Our Crunchy Granola made from ancient grain provides fibre, vegetable protein and is almost annoyingly crunchy even without refined sugar - perfect for a quick breakfast or as a snack in between.

                      Why porridge toppings at all?

                      Toppings not only make your breakfast delicious and varied, but can also provide valuable nutrients. Provided that you prepare them yourself as much as possible, just like your porridge. With our basic recipe your porridge is ready for the breakfast table in just a few minutes and is guaranteed to have the perfect consistency.

                      Prepare your porridge with rolled oats or other grains or pseudo-grains. This is how you ensure the first supply of healthy dietary fiber. Your toppings made from fruit, seeds, nuts and co. provide additional vitamins and healthy fats for your breakfast. This makes your porridge a balanced breakfast and provides you with enough energy for everything you want to achieve during the day.

                      Sweeteners should only be used in small amounts. If you are vegan, it is better to use agave syrup or date syrup instead of honey. As always, if you want to use pre-packaged toppings like muesli, check the ingredient list for hidden sugars or flavor enhancers.

                      Now it's your turn! After this start to the day, the rest can only get better. Enjoy these delicious breakfast ideas and let us know how you implemented and enjoyed the recipes on Instagram.

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