Snack goals: Fruchtig-schokoladige Rice Cake Whopper

Snack goals: Fruity-Schokolade Rice Cake Whopper

Ready for the ultimate afternoon snack against sweet cravings? These raspberry-chocolate-whoppers with creamy nut puree are absolutely top class when it comes to snacking: sweet, fruity, creamy and chocolaty... and even gluten-free and vegan. 

The best thing is that you only need a few ingredients and you can also change them according to your mood. Replace the raspberries with other ripe and soft berries such as strawberries or blackberries. The main thing is that they mash well with a fork and taste nice and sweet. Instead of the Almond Candy nut puree, you can also experiment with other spreads: How about a combination of Strawberry and Coconut Crush? Coated with white chocolate an absolute dream.

Rice Cake Whopper Zutaten

Zutaten für die Rice Cakes (4 Stück)


  1. Spread 1 tsp Almond Candy on each rice cake and carefully crush raspberries on top. This is best done with a cake fork. 
  2. Melt dark chocolate in a water bath. Cover top of rice cake with liquid chocolate, sprinkle with Flower Crunch and let chocolate harden.

 Rice Cake Whopper mit Schokoglasur und Flower Crunch Topping

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