Wholey Breakfast Bowls

Personality test: What's for Breakfast?

It is often the first challenge of the day that we have to face - and it either makes us feel happy or causes us to have a nervous breakdown:

What's for breakfast?

While some people love to serve up meter-high pancake towers in the morning, others prefer a down-to-earth breakfast without a lot of frills or even just a quick smoothie between the shower and the first meeting.

Regardless of whether you prefer to start your morning well-timed or relaxed, we can all agree on one thing: Your breakfast should support you to start the day full of energy and in a good mood. 

No idea what that might look like? You can find out with our test. We'll tell you which of six breakfast types you are, which of our four smoothie bowls suits you best and why you should put them on your breakfast menu tomorrow. Plus: topping ideas and preparation tips. 

What are you waiting for? To the bowls, set, go ...