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"We want to inspire and educate people about a healthy plant-based diet so that self-care and mindfulness become everyone new breakfast routine."

Wholey is vegan

Wholey is vegan

Wholey Tropical Bowl


Like all consumer goods, our Wholeys have an impact on the environment. As a brand, we have to and want to take responsibility for this.

We are certain: the more transparently we speak about these effects, the more helpful it is for you as the end consumer. That's why we're sharing our calculations on the climate impact of our Wholeys with you, so you get the chance to make conscious choices.*

LCAs are usually for internal use only and not for marketing purposes. At this point, once again, an explicit disclaimer: We do not want to advertise or compare ourselves with our numbers. For us, the balance sheet is a tool to improve. We want to be transparent and do educational work. That's why we disclose our processes and figures.

*All values are expressed in carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e). 

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Smoothie Bowls 479,50 gCO2e

Hot Bowls 1053,61 gC02e

Nut Butters 874,59 gC02e

Porridges 572,37 gC02e

Granola 1149,81 gC02e

Erklärung der CO2e Angaben

About the numbers

You can find out exactly how the CO2e figures above were calculated, which areas were taken into account in production and what exactly is included and what is not on our blog.

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CO2e der Wholey Produkte


On all product pages you will also find the CO2e data of the individual products so that you can compare them with each other.

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Although we know that most of our ingredients have less impact on the environment than animal products, we still want to be transparent about our entire supply chain. Because as you can probably already imagine: Our ingredients cover a long distance, which of course also has an effect on our CO2 balance.

Everything Organic

In order to meet our high standards of quality and taste, we work exclusively with selected organic farmers in all the countries you see above. They are committed to regenerative, ecological agriculture. Organic farming not only has a major impact on the environment, but also on our health. That's why we're organic:
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We have had a long and arduous journey with the development of our packaging and have had to make choices about sustainable materials, durability, pricing and suppliers. But we will always challenge these decisions to bring you the best possible product.

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