Topping-Eskalation: Bananensplit mit Joghurt, Nussmus & Granola

Topping escalation: banana split with yogurt, nut puree & granola

Grandma has registered for afternoon coffee, the next children's birthday party is coming up or you just want to sweeten the afternoon for yourself? This banana split is refined with vegetable yogurt and lots of toppings instead of sugary vanilla ice cream. The result: banana with lots of creaminess and even more crunch for a well-deserved time-out with a high enjoyment factor.

By the way, the dessert is simply beautiful to look at. The main reason is our Flower Crunch Topping, which gives the dessert a fresh floral note and a great splash of color with cocoa nibs in combination with pomegranate seeds, berries and rose petals.

Because we just can't leave it alone, our nut mousse and a good portion of granola also landed on the banana.

Zutaten für Bananensplit auf rosa Hintergrund

Zutaten für 1 Portion


  1. Peel banana, cut in half lengthwise and place on a plate.
  2. Serve banana with yogurt, nut puree and remaining ingredients and enjoy.


Can't help but think your snack deserves more extras? At Wholey, you can also add more nut muses or Toppings kaufen. From blue shredded coconut to the crunchy seed mix to the tropical crunch experience: you decide!

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