Die perfekte Smoothie Bowl ganz einfach zubereiten

How to prepare the perfect smoothie bowl

Do you celebrate every breakfast as if it were your last? Or do you prefer the first meal of the day without a lot of frills? No matter what type of breakfast you are: With smoothie bowls, it has never been easier to start the day fresh. Not only do you prepare them in next to no time, you can also easily adapt them to your taste and needs. With our tips you will succeed in your perfect smoothie bowl breakfast. 

Just mix it, baby

Banana, mango, berries or dragon fruit: the basis of your refreshing breakfast is of course made up of fruits. With our bowls you no longer have to worry about the right amount or composition - our four different flavors are already perfectly seasoned. For the preparation you only need a pack of Wholey, 150 ml of water and a mixer - the basis of your smoothie bowl is ready.

That's how it's done: 

  1. Take the pack out of the freezer and add it to the blender or smoothie blender. 
  2. Add 150 ml of water. Put the lid on and off you go: mix for 60 seconds. If necessary, push the frozen mass back into the knife with a pestle. Don't have a mixer? No problem. You can also mix your bowl in a high mixing vessel with a hand blender to the desired consistency. This can take a little longer than the blender, but it's definitely worth the effort.
  3. Pour the creamy smoothie into your favorite bowl. 

    No fun: It really is as simple as that!

    Our tip: specifications are annoying and preferences are different. When preparing it, however, it is best to stick to the specification of 150 ml of water. A thick consistency is best for your bowl. To do this, use a pestle to push the frozen ingredients from the edge of the container to the knife while mixing. If you use too much liquid when mixing, your Smoothie bowl not nice and creamy, but much too runny. If your bowl is too thin, the toppings sink to the bottom of your cereal bowl, never to be seen again, and you have to replace your spoon with a straw. And nobody really wants that. 

    Video: How to get your Wholey Bowl into the bowl in just 60 seconds


    Top it like it's hot

    Hurray, so we already have the base. Now it's down to the nitty-gritty - or better said: the topped. Toppings play a huge role in the preparation of your smoothie bowl. Granola, coconut chips & Co. are much more than just nice to look at. You decide whether the bowl satisfies your hunger and whether it lets you start the day with a satisfied grin on your face.

    With the toppings it is like with roommates: everything is possible, nothing has to be. You can put your bowl in the limelight with exotic superfoods, decorate it with homemade granola or fruit hearts - or simply grab the good old crunchy muesli. 

    Since you can combine the toppings again and again as you like, boredom at the breakfast table is now a thing of the past. And let's be honest: a smoothie bowl without toppings? Without us!

    We recommend a topping mix made up of the following three components. Simply choose one or two ingredients from each category:

    • Crunch: not only ensures that we have something to chew, but also satisfies us. For example, choose between granola, roasted oatmeal, quinoa granola, puffed grain pops or crunchy muesli
    • Fruits: Banana slices, raspberries, blueberries, kiwi, mango, passion fruit ... Everything is allowed! It is only important that you chop up the fruit in snackable portions beforehand. The bowl is particularly pretty with a panicle of currants, pomegranate seeds or a sliced passion fruit
    • That certain something: We love superfoods! Step up your breakfast game and treat yourself to something special: cocoa nibs, coconut chips, chia seeds, pistachios, poppy seeds, cashew nuts, nut butter, sesame seeds, dark chocolate drops ... 

      Extra tip for hungry breakfast lovers

      Fruits are all well and good - but do you need something real to bite into to be full? We feel you. Our tip: Put granola, overnight oats or chia pudding in a bowl, then pour the smoothie over it and serve with other favorite toppings. An extra spoonful of nut butter on top will satisfy even the most hungry smoothie bowl skeptics.

      Your #wholeymoments

      Voilà - your perfect smoothie bowl is ready. Regardless of whether you mix the toppings vigorously with the smoothie right away or if you prefer to gradually spoon them away from the bowl: Enjoy your smoothie bowl!

      Show us how creatively you prepare your smoothie bowl and link your bowl creation on Instagram #wholeybowl or #wholeymoments. Or simply search for the hashtags and let our Wholey Community inspire you for your next breakfast.