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Buy toppings: Your extra for bowls and co.

Our premium toppings can do more than attract attention and get likes. High in fiber and packed with lots of flavor, they're that extra something you've been waiting for on your smoothie, hot and porridge bowl. Simply buy toppings, upgrade your favorite breakfast and enjoy!

Why should I buy Wholey Toppings?

Of course, all add-ons are vegan, organic and without additives. Of course that's not enough for us.

Extra fiber

All toppings are high in fiber. The indigestible plant fibers serve as food for health-promoting bacteria in the large intestine and have a prebiotic effect. Plus: A high fiber content in food fills you up and has a balancing effect on blood sugar levels.

Extra crisp

Of course, that certain crunch in the morning should not be missing. Seeds, seeds, and nuts are healthy options for adding bite.

extra taste

Your porridge looks great, but tastes pretty bad? Then treat yourself to more flavor for breakfast with our toppings!

extra nutrients

Complex carbohydrates, omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, fiber, proteins... Supplement your breakfast with valuable nutrients.

Extra natural

The toppings are vegan, organic, free of added sugar and completely without additives.

Buying toppings: which one is right for me?

Simple answer: everyone! Here you can find the advantages of the individual add-ons at a glance:

  • Omega-3 Boost Topping: The organic seed mix of sesame, hemp, chia and linseed is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and, in addition to fiber, also provides high-quality vegetable protein.

  • Flower Crunch Topping: feeling fancy? The fruity mixture of pomegranate seeds, berries and rose petals in combination with tart cocoa nibs tastes exceptionally good and is your floral upgrade for the breakfast bowl.

  • Tropical Twist Topping: Pimp your breakfast with plenty of fiber and lots of taste: The mix of tropical fruity mango, roasted coconut, crunchy cashew nuts and sweet mulberries and goji berries has everything you need.

  • Power Boost Topping: The savory crunch of buckwheat, sunflower and pumpkin seeds is raw and sprouted - this not only makes the mix easier to digest, but also ensures higher bioavailability of the nutrients.

  • Fancy Flakes Topping: The coconut flakes with spirulina algae make your breakfast bowl just that little bit extra: extra exotic, extravagantly blue and simply blue-ti-ful.

What can I use Wholey Toppings for?

Can't wait to finally order your toppings, but still need inspiration on how to use them? This small list shows you what you can use the little helpers for:

  • on the smoothie bowl
  • as a finisher on the hot breakfast bowl or porridge
  • on nicecream or ice cream
  • sprinkled over vegetable yoghurt
  • for decorating cakes and desserts
  • as crunch in salads
  • for snacking
  • over filled bagels or rolls

Of course, there are no limits to your imagination. You can easily order the toppings and then sprinkle them over just about anything that could use an extra dose of fiber, crunch, flavor or nutrition. What are you waiting for? Buy toppings and enjoy!