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New cooperation with SuperGoodFood and numerous cooperation partners

Through the cooperation with SuperGoodFood and the cooperation with selected partners who provide the rowers with high-quality and natural organic food, the Germany-Achter team is pursuing a new concept for balanced and needs-based nutrition. Nutrition expert and performance food coach Marcus Schall from SuperGoodFood is now responsible for ensuring that the best possible nutrient supply supports the rowers in developing their full potential.

“Nutrition is an important aspect today, especially in competitive sport. When you push your limits, you have to give your body the opportunity to regenerate itself optimally. To do this, you should supply the things that the body needs and as little as possible of what it does not need. The right, needs-based diet is the fuel for top physical performance and an important building block for sporting success, ”says Schall, using a simple formula. It is therefore no coincidence that “Food is Fuel” is one of his most frequently used statements.

To this end, a concept based on two pillars was designed for the base in Dortmund. On the one hand, the 46-year-old nutrition expert works with base chef Peter Barkholtz, contributing ideas, recipes and complementary products such as quinoa, freshly squeezed oats or buckwheat bulgur. The breakfast offer is also supplemented by a particularly nutritious and wholesome bread as well as a muesli mix specially put together for the Germany eight. There are also some additional products available to rowers that they can use directly, such as natural coconut water and cold-pressed juices. Furthermore, the new D8 ReFuelStation enables athletes to mix regeneration-promoting smoothies from fresh, shock-frozen fruits and vegetables immediately after the training session.

Lighthouse project at the base in Dortmund

“The supply at the base is a central element for the rowers. The athletes train here for most of the year. So it makes a crucial difference if we take the diet there to another level. This is certainly unique in Germany at this level. That can be a beacon project for others, ”says Schall, who is also in close contact with the athletes. “The introductory phase of the new nutritional concept went very well with the Germany eighth team winning the World Cup again. With a view to the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the supply has been optimized and further improved with a few adjusting screws. We are well prepared for the coming months ”, says Carsten Oberhagemann, Managing Director of Deutschland-Achter GmbH.

The new concept is also extremely well received by athletes. “That's a great thing. In the direction of the Olympics, we are trying to get the most out of everything. The right diet can influence a lot and move you forward, especially in competitive sports. With Marcus Schall we now have a great expert at hand who is fully behind it. The extent of the offer is unbelievable and it also tastes very good. It is very popular with us in the team, ”says Felix Wimberger.

An important basis of the new nutritional concept is the use of exclusively natural premium products, which are made available to the Deutschland-Achter team by a large number of selected partners. On the one hand, they are integrated into the daily menu of the base kitchen, consumed directly by the rowers or used as part of the supplementary supply at training camps and competitions. “The special selection and range of the products used is one of the decisive aspects of our concept,” says Marcus Schall. “On the one hand, we can consequently select the products based on their nutritional significance. On the other hand, this approach allows us to select the best products in each category without exception. Top products for top sport! "

In the typical daily routine of the rowers from the Germany eighth team, nutrition plays a decisive role. The video shows: With high-quality and natural organic products from selected partners, balanced and needs-based nutrition is possible at the rowing center in Dortmund.

The nutrition expert

For Marcus Schall, sport and nutrition have always been part of his life. He started strength training at the age of 14, and as a teenager he also sat in a rowing boat. Later he worked in sales for sports and medical products, gained experience with new trends in sports nutrition, especially in the USA, and thus found a new calling. In the meantime he has gone under the authors with “SuperGoodFood” and advises competitive athletes in particular on performance-enhancing nutrition.

"I acquired the knowledge about this step by step autodidactically and constantly adapted and developed it on the basis of my own experience," says the 46-year-old: "That's why I always take a practice-oriented approach to advice. I rely on simple, everyday, natural recipes with optimal nutritional value. If you want to reach your full potential, the right diet is absolutely important - but neither is rocket science! ”Schall also advises rowers, including Maximilian Planer. The expert has a broad base: Among other things, he looks after the Götze brothers Mario (BVB) and Felix (FC Augsburg), sprinter Gina Lückenkemper, combiner Eric Frenzel, Le Mans winner Dirk Müller and the AMG Customer Racing Team Black Falcon.


Shock-frozen organic smoothie packs with a maximum of nutrients: an important component and central element of the SGF D8 #ReFuelStation, our "on-demand" smoothie bar for supplementary and demand-oriented nutrient supply after the training units.