Luca Nik Armbruster ist Teil der Wholey Breakfast Heroes

Luca Nik Armbruster

Birth date: 05.11.2001
Career start: 2010
Breakfast routine: "I am definitely a breakfast person! Every good start to the day needs at least ONE breakfast. My routine: get up, 1st breakfast with coffee and orange juice, bike to early morning training, followed by early morning training and then 2nd breakfast (incl. smoothie or smoothie bowl)."
Favourite bowl: Ocean Bowl
Favourite topping: Muesli/Granola

Who are you and what are you doing?
I'm Luca, 18 years old and I am a competitive swimmer from Dortmund.

What does your typical daily routine look like?
On a normal day, my alarm clock rings at 5:30 a.m., then I have a quick breakfast and take the train to my early morning training session. There I train for two hours in the water and then I go to school. After school we go to boarding school for something to eat and then back to training for three hours (strength training / indoor training + water). After that, it's already evening and I'm going home. I have dinner there with my family, go for a walk with my dog, do homework if necessary, and then go to bed. And all over again the next day.

Schwimmer Luca Nil Armbruster

What has been the best moment in your career so far?
The best moment in my career so far was qualifying for the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.

What is important to you in your diet?
In my diet, it is very important to me to consume enough carbohydrates and proteins as well as vitamins, as my immune system is weakened after hard units and these then help me to stay healthy. This is a big issue, especially in winter, because I am at school or in the swimming pool or sports hall during the day and therefore get little natural light / sun. In addition, it is difficult for me to regularly prepare fruit with such a timed daily routine, so the smoothies help me a lot.

How do you spend your free time?
When I have free time, which almost never happens, because I am always in training camps during the holidays, the German championships are coming up in the summer holidays and I also have to prepare for important competitions like the JWM, then I like to go golfing and relax I just go home or do something with the family.

"If I weren't an athlete, would I be ...?"
"... obnoxious and underutilized."