Bio Lebensmittel haben viele Vorteile

Let's talk about: ORGANIC

Organic food is booming. They have become an indispensable part of the supermarket shelf and the menus of many cafés and restaurants. But is organic really better?

What is behind the term organic, which everyone knows, but which nobody knows what it actually means in detail?

Bio Siegel

as Organic food are used to describe foods that come from organic farming. The term “organic” is legally defined in the EU. Fixed regulations apply that must be met in order to be allowed to carry the label “organic”. Organic products must come from ecologically controlled cultivation and must not be genetically modified. They are grown without the use of chemical-synthetic pesticides, artificial fertilizers or sewage sludge.

In the case of animal products, “species-appropriate” keeping of the animals in accordance with the EU Organic Regulation is the basic requirement for organic certification. In addition, organic products may not be irradiated with ionizing radiation in order to extend their shelf life. They contain fewer food additives than conventional foods. The use of emulsifiers, colorings, artificial flavors and flavor enhancers is even completely forbidden. However, it may contain up to 5% non-organically produced ingredients.

Benefits for the consumer

The health benefits of organic products are obvious: Pesticide free. Without chemical-synthetic fertilizer. Without genetic technology. Low in additives. Largely unprocessed and in natural form.  

At Wholey, we only use organic products and are certified according to EU organic guidelines. So you can access and enjoy without a guilty conscience.

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