Wholey Dragon Smoothie Freakshake

Vegan Dragon Freakshake

Crazy, crazy, freakshakes!

Dear Wholey community, may we introduce: The Wholey interpretation of a freakshake.

Wholey Freakshake

Freak what? What is a freakshake?

Freakshakes are like deluxe milkshakes. They emerged from simple milkshakes served in ice cream parlors, which are topped with sweet treats (and around 10,000 calories) and therefore look totally crazy. Freakshakes defy almost all diet trends and are not really healthy. Above all, the in-drinks are convincing because of their appearance, because they are bursting with colors, textures and details.

Since we're more into fruit and vegetables, we made our own version - with fewer calories and more vitamins. 

Recipe for a vegan Dragon Freakshake

Freakshake mit weißer Schokolade

Freakshake topping & glass topping

Here you can let your creativity run free and use all the fruits that you have at home and that you like. We used the following ingredients for our shake:

  • White chocolate
  • mango
  • 1 can of coconut milk from the refrigerator 
  • Optional: desiccated coconut, pink pitaya and much more.

Vegan Dragon Shake

Zutaten für Freakshake mit Drachenfrucht


  1. Since a regular milkshake only becomes a freakshake with the perfect presentation, we start with the glass decoration. For this we use white chocolate and let it melt. 

  2. We then let the liquid chocolate run slowly along the edge of the glass with a spoon and then put the glass in the refrigerator to cool.

  3. Next you mix the smoothie bowl (of course you can also use all of our other bowls here really well) with a little more water than stated on the packaging. You can of course also use a plant-based milk to make the whole thing even creamier.

  4. Then pour the liquid into the prepared glass.

  5. The coconut milk should come straight out of the refrigerator, because only when it is cold for a little longer does the cream separate from the liquid and can then be whipped like cream. Optionally, you can also use vegan cream. 

  6. Top the shake with the coconut cream and add more toppings to your heart's content.

  7. Position the glass in a well-lit location in your apartment, take a photo and upload it to Instagram. Likes are incoming - we promise;) 

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