Vegane Mini Açaí Cheesecake ohne Backen

Mini Açaí Cheesecakes - no-bake & vegan

You can easily make these sweet mini açaí cheesecake cupcakes without baking, are raw vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, extremely creamy and simply delicious. The cashew cream goes perfectly with the light acidity of ours Açaí Bowlused for the final layer. The tartlets are a healthy, vegan cheesecake alternative and a fruity, sweet dessert for the summer.

Açaí in Deinen Cupcakes

For our vegan raw cheesecake cupcakes you only need a mixer, a muffin baking pan and some space in the freezer - because this is where our favorite kitchen tool comes into play: it is mixed instead of baked. A high-performance mixer does a great job here, but you can also easily get the batter for the base and the cream in small smoothie mixers. However, we recommend chopping up the components individually, as some machines cannot cope with a large amount of nuts and dates or too much frozen fruit. With a little patience, however, it also works with any commercially available mixer. 

The base consists of a crunchy oat and walnut mixture and is only sweetened with dates. The middle layer is super creamy due to the use of soaked cashews and we really had to be careful not to spoon it away immediately after preparation. We leave about 1/3 of the cashew cream and then mix it with ours Açaí Bowl to mingle. The açaí layer is the perfect end to the little vegan cheesecake miracle, because the sourness of the fruit goes perfectly with the sweet cream. 

The preparation itself is super quick. Only allow some time for the layers to freeze.

Leckere vegane Cupcakes

The cashew layer should be hard enough so that the açaí puree does not mix with it. 


But now quickly get the mixer out and off you go:

The recipe for the vegan mini açaí cheesecakes

Preparation time: approx. 20 minutes
Freezing time: 2.5 hours

Ingredients for the floor:

  • 120 G Walnuts 
  • 75 G oatmeal 
  • 100 G gutted, soft dates 
Zutaten für Asai Cupcakes

Ingredients for the cheesecake cream + the açaí topping:

  • 300 G Cashew nuts (for at least 30 minutes or better soaked overnight) 
  • 160 ml Coconut milk 
  • 120 ml Agave syrup 
  • 2 Tbsp Lemon juice
  • 1 pack of our Açaí Bowl


Walnut oat base

  1. Lightly grease a 12-cup muffin pan with coconut oil or vegan margarine. Cut thin strips out of baking paper and place them in the mold so that the strips protrude about 1 cm over the edges. This will help you to get the cakes out of shape more easily later.

  2. Process walnuts, oat flakes and dates in a blender to a coarse mass.

  3. Then divide the slightly sticky mixture into 12 equal pieces and use your fingers or a spoon to spread it as evenly as possible in the bottom of the muffin pan. 

Cashew cream & açaí topping

  1. Put the soaked cashew nuts, coconut milk, agave syrup and lemon juice in a blender and process for about 2 to 3 minutes to a smooth, creamy mass. Spread about ⅔ of the cream on the floors. To get the surface free of air bubbles and smooth, tap the sheet a few times on the table and then place the mold in the freezer for 20-30 minutes - in the meantime you can go for a walk, for example. ;)

Cashew Creme ales Füllung Cupcakes in Muffinform

2. Then fill the ingredients of the açaí bowl into the blender jar and then, depending on the blender performance, add some more water. If you work with a pestle, less water is usually enough to get an even mass. 

3. Then put the açaí cashew mixture on the light layer and - you probably guessed it - put everything back into the freezer for at least 2 hours. 

4. After freezing, you can let the cakes thaw slightly and then simply remove them from the mold using the baking paper. 

5. Let the cupcakes thaw for 10 minutes before you eat them, because then they taste even creamier (and are no longer so cold 😋). 

Topped with edible flowers and sweet berries, the cupcakes are a real feast for the eyes and are perfect for your next Insta story #foodporn. We wish you a lot of fun copying and happy snacking!

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