Sweet Ceylon Bowl in Schale mit Deko

Sweet Ceylon bowl with warm cranberry jam and speculaas

The practical thing about breakfast bowls is that we can reinvent them every morning - and easily adapt them to our mood and cravings: in summer with lots of fresh berries and grated coconut, in autumn with pecans and caramelised pear. 

And at Christmas?

One thing is for sure: No Christmas without speculoos - and that goes for breakfast too. We love the finely spiced biscuit not only as a sweet snack, but also as a topping on our Breakfast Bowl. Yep, that's right. Forget granola and chia seeds: Speculoos is the bowl upgrade you won't want to miss out on in the run-up to Christmas.  

Speculatius tastes especially good in combination with fruity-sweet cranberry jam. Cranberries are harvested from mid-September and we can find the red berries at weekly markets and in supermarkets until the end of December. They taste fruity and slightly sour - which is why coconut blossom sugar provides the right sweetness for our jam. By the way: The darker the berries, the more valuable antioxidants are in the little balls. 

The bowl sounds complicated and elaborate? It isn't. A few minutes of time is all it takes to conjure up the Christmas Bowl on the breakfast table. The Wholey Hot Breakfast Bowl with wholemeal spelt semolina and cinnamon is only boiled briefly with water and then has to swell for five minutes - time enough to take care of the toppings. 

So: throw on that Ugly Christmas Sweater, crank up your Wham playlist and get cosy. You'll see: The Christmas Bowl is an absolute soul-soother that lets you start the day with a warm and cosy feeling in your stomach. Earworm included ;)

Ingredients for 2 servings

For the bowl:

  • 100 g Wholey Hot Breakfast Bowl Sweet Ceylon
  • ca. 5 Spekulatius-Kekse
  • 2 EL gehobelte Mandeln
  • 1 Prise Zimt

Für die Cranberry-Marmelade:

  • 100 g frische Cranberrys
  • 25 g Kokosblütenzucker
  • 150 ml Orangensaft
  • 1 EL Chiasamen


1. Für die Marmelade Cranberrys verlesen und waschen. Cranberries in einer beschichteten Pfanne mit Kokosblütenzucker und Orangensaft bei mittlerer Hitze aufkochen. Chiasamen einrühren und für ca. 10 Minuten köcheln lassen, bis die Marmelade eingedickt ist. Für eine flüssigere Konsistenz zwischendurch noch etwas Saft hinzugeben. 

No fresh cranberries in your supermarket? No problem. You can use dried cranberries instead. Just soak them overnight in a bowl of water before using them.


2. Prepare Hot Breakfast Bowl according to package directions and divide between two bowls.


3. Crumble the speculaas biscuits into a bowl and mix with the sliced almonds.

4. Top Hot Breakfast Bowl with cranberry jam and speculaas almond mix and sprinkle with cinnamon


Well provided for

In the fridge, the jam will keep for about three days. However, if you fill it directly into sterile jars after cooking and seal them airtight, it will keep for up to a year. The next Christmas is sure to come...


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