Hürdenläufer Joshua Abuaku ist ein Wholey Breakfast Hero

Joshua Abuaku

Who are you and what are you doing?

My name is Joshua Abuaku. I am 23 years old, have lived and trained in Frankfurt am Main for over a year, and I run 400m hurdles.

What has been your greatest sporting success so far?
Definitely winning the silver medal at the U20 European Championships in 2015, that came as a surprise. But every medal at national level is also a success!

Joshua Abuaku ist ein Breakfast Hero

How do you eat in everyday life? Do you follow a nutrition plan?
I don't follow a strict eating plan, but still try to eat healthy and balanced. So a breakfast, which gets me through the training well, lunch which replenishes my energy reserves and a light dinner. Going out to eat at the weekend must also be an option. From Asian to Italian to burgers or kebab, you should be able to treat yourself to that.

Sport plays a big role in your life. What do you do in your free time?
One of my hobbies is definitely music - it runs almost 24 hours a day. Apart from athletics, I also do a lot of sports in my free time. At the weekend, like to do something with friends and colleagues, be it going to town or partying in the evening.

"You recognize me from afar ...?"
"... my big smile"

"If I weren't an athlete, would I be ...?"
"... still connected to the sport"

Date of birth: 07/07/1996
Career start: at the age of 9
Favorite smoothie: Peanut Power (RIP)