Täglich Obst und Gemüse essen

5 a day: It's that easy!

5 a day - 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day.

Most people have heard of this before. But what exactly does that mean?

In today's society in particular, a healthy lifestyle plays an important role. In addition to exercise, a healthy diet is also part of it. This also includes the daily intake of enough fruit and vegetables. The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) recommends 400g vegetables and 250g fruit per day. That corresponds roughly to 3 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit.

Thinking of vegetables is hard, but it's worth it!

In fact, very few manage to do this. The proportion of vegetables in particular is often neglected. This contains particularly high amounts of vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances.

The list of positive properties is long and could be continued for a long time. For many people, it is still difficult to regularly integrate fruit and vegetables into their everyday lives. The hectic working day makes many more likely to grab sandwiches or fast food. There is a lack of healthy alternatives.

How to manage to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your everyday life

If you don't have a smoothie on hand at the moment, here are a few tips with which you can integrate more fruit and vegetables into your everyday life:

  • For breakfast, cut fruit such as apples and bananas into the muesli or add berries and chia seeds to the soy or natural yoghurt.
  • Chopped vegetables such as peppers and carrots are easy to take with you to work in a small box.
  • choose a small salad for lunch. It's healthy and keeps you full for longer.
  • Serve at least one vegetable side dish for dinner or serve a bowl of fruit salad for dessert.

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