Porridge fertig in 5 Minuten

The Perfect Super Porridge: Quick and simple

Ready for superpowers for breakfast? By eating porridge, it's easy to get the most out of your first meal: fiber, easily digestible carbohydrates, and lots of good cheer.

  1. Sprouted Porridge Basic Recipe
  2. Matching Toppings
  3. Wholey Super Porridge Variations

Our Wholey Super Porridge made from sprouted organic cereals in raw food quality, still has a very special superpower that makes conventional porridge look quite pale: By germinating oat flakes, spelt flakes, millet and flaxseed, their nutrient content increases. On the other hand phytic acid, which insolubly binds minerals, is broken down - this allows the body to better utilize the valuable substances.

Best of all, the preparation could not be easier.

Do you have a few minutes?

This is the Basic Recipe for our Super Porridge

Our Super Porridge comes in three varieties: Original, Cocoa Tigernut and Apple Cinnamon. The following preparation applies to all versions for one serving: 

  1. Mix 50g of porridge mixture with 250ml of plant based milk in a saucepan and bring to the boil once while stirring..
  2. Let the mixture simmer while stirring for five minutes.
  3. Fill the Super Porridge into a bowl.
  4. Enjoy it pure or with your favorite toppings

Super Porridge for Super Powers

In for Porridge, in for Toppings

A porridge without toppings is like a three-course meal without dessert: pretty sad and doesn't work at all. 

Fresh fruits are a must. Whether you choose kiwi, raspberries, blueberries, mango, apple, pear, plums or exotic dragon fruit: The main thing is they are fresh and packed with vitamins.

Alternatively, you can also try steamed apple cubes or hot cherries (tip: especially in combination with cinnamon irresistible) or prepare a delicious berry sauce from frozen blueberries: Simply bring frozen berries with a little water to the boil in a saucepan, boil down and sweeten to taste.

Another non-negotiable topping: Nuts or nut butter. Nuts provide valuable unsaturated fatty acids that make your breakfast that much better. A blob of nut puree on (or in) porridge will sweeten any gray morning and put you in a good mood right away. Cashew, almond or hazelnut? Top the bowl the way you like it!

Tropical coconut chips, creamy coconut yogurt, crunchy cacao nibs and toasted sesame seeds complete the topping - and are also an absolute eye-catcher.

What's your favorite way to top your porridge? Show us! Link your creation on Insta and use the #wholeymoment

Wholey Super Porridge for a powerful start of your day

Do you prefer your porridge plain, fruity or chocolatey? We have the right mixture for every taste.

Original: Our nature boy in vegan raw food quality - The basic mixture of germinated naked oat whole grain, golden millet and flaxseed.

Apple CinnamonCinnamony Soul Bowl and must-have on cold days - with Ceylon cinnamon and dried apple cubes.

Cocoa TigernutSprouted chocolate happiness in the bowl - with almost 10% cocoa powder and crunchy tiger nut flakes.

Chocolate fans get their money's worth with Cocoa Tigernut Super Porridge

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