Vegane Schoko-Haselnuss-Pralinen

Vegan chocolate hazelnut Pralines

Truffles, brittle or Mozartkugeln: Chocolates belong to Christmas like nut puree to a smoothie bowl. They sweeten grey winter afternoons, make connoisseurs' hearts beat faster and are perfect for sharing and giving as gifts. But unfortunately, there is often a lot of refined sugar and wheat flour as well as animal ingredients such as butter fat or milk powder in the sweet spheres.

We think: It can be done better. Our version of the popular Rocher chocolates is vegan and is in no way inferior in taste to the original.

Making your own chocolates is time-consuming? No way. You only need a few ingredients for our recipe: vegan dark chocolate, our Wholey Sh*t nut puree and of course lots of hazelnuts - ground, chopped and whole kernels. The Wholey Sh*t Nussmus is high in fibre, has a high nut content and is sweetened only with coconut blossom sugar... The healthy snack escalation is absolutely pre-programmed!

The perfect snack gift for your loved ones

But the delicate chocolate hazelnut pralines with crunchy hazelnuts in the centre don't just look good as a snack. They are also an absolute highlight on your breakfast bowl. Yep, that's right. The vegan Rochers are the absolute premium topping on your Hot Bowl or Smoothie Bowl and make cocoa nibs & Co. look pretty pale. 

By the way, the chocolates are also great as a gift. Simply fill a pretty jar with the vegan Rochers or wrap them individually in some silk or baking paper. A small fir branch and some natural cord for decoration - and Christmas Eve can come. 

Have you got a few minutes more? Then just double the amount of ingredients and make double the portion of vegan rochers. 

Deine Friends & Family werden sich freuen! 


Rezept für vegane Schoko-Haselnuss-Pralinen

Zutaten für ca. 15 Pralinen

  • 100 g vegane Zartbitterschokolade
  • 1/2 Glas Wholey Sh*t
  • 70 g gemahlene Haselnüsse
  • 50 g gehackte Haselnüsse
  • ca. 15 ganze Haselnusskerne

The recipe only needs 5 ingredients


1. Melt the chocolate in a water bath.

2. In a bowl, mix the melted chocolate with Wholey Sh*t and mix with the ground hazelnuts. Place the mixture in the fridge for three hours. Alternative: Half an hour in the freezer will do.

Dark chocolate and hazelnuts: The perfect combination


4. Form about 1 tsp of the chocolate-hazelnut mixture into a ball and press a hazelnut kernel into the centre.

5. Roll the praline again until smooth and warm it in the palms of your hands. Then roll in the chopped hazelnuts. Tip: The hazelnuts will hold better if you press the praline well into the chopped hazelnuts.

Roll it baby! Chopped hazelnuts add crunch

6. Chill the finished hazelnut pralines and remove from the fridge about an hour before serving. 

 Christmas Eve is saved with this sweet-vegan snack.

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