Anne Schröder beim Hockey

Anne Schröder

Date of birth:: 11.09.1994
Career start: 2014 with the DANAS
My breakfast routine: a podcast to my ears and a delicious coffee with oat milk to go with it.
Favorite Bowl: Classic Acai Bowl
Favorite Topping: Nut butter of any kind


Who are you are you doing?

I'm Anne, 27 years old and have been living in Hamburg for 8 years. I feel right at home here, found my heart's club and started my studies in 2013. Speaking of my studies. This year I finished my studies as a psychologist and am now starting my training as a psychotherapist. Besides that, I have had a great love for 23 years: playing field hockey. On the hockey field you will always find me with 100% passion and also a lot of emotions....

Anne Schröder bites on her medal

What does your typical daily routine look like?

Most days the alarm clock rings around 7:30. Then I take my vitamins, drink a glass of water and my first (very important) coffee with oat milk. Then I usually go to my first workout without having a big breakfast, maybe with a small snack.
At lunchtime, I've spent the last few years doing my university assignments, studying, drinking coffee, or attending seminars before going to club training in the evening.

What has been the best moment in your career so far?

The bronze medal at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro with the Danas.

What is important to you in your diet?

As a competitive athlete, nutrition is an important basis for staying injury-free and completing every workout with full energy. That means it's important to me that my diet is nutritious and thus provides me with the energy I need. On the other hand, I love sweets and a variety of food. I don't want to give up 100% of that. So a balance of nutrient-rich "healthy" foods and the foods (e.g. chocolate or gummy stuff) that I also need for my head from time to time is very important to me.

What do you do in your free time?

In any case with my studies and from April on with my apprenticeship.
I also love going out for coffee with my friends, my sister or my boyfriend and I also love talking about sports in my free time.

How has Corona affected your everyday life as a competitive athlete?

In any case, I have been extremely busy with nutrition and regeneration. I started practicing yoga regularly, cooking a lot and also baking a lot. I especially enjoyed baking with "healthy" alternatives and natural sweeteners.
I was home a lot more than I usually am. That was also good for me, especially in the beginning. However, it also got boring at some point and I quickly longed for our exciting daily travel routine.

"You can recognise me from a distance by...?"

Definitely by my loud voice. And my laugh.

"If I wasn't an athlete, I would be...?"

Good question. I think I was born as a field hockey player. Maybe I would have otherwise landed on TV to annoy the audience with my sayings.