Annika Drazek

Annika Drazek

Geburtsdatum: 11.04.1995
Karrierestart: 2014

Frühstücksroutine: "Zuerst ein großes Glas Wasser, entspannte Musik an, den ersten frischen Kaffee zubereiten und trinken. Dazu entweder ein warmes Porridge oder eine Frozen Bowl. Immer aber Obst dazu."
Lieblings-Bowl: Tropical Bowl
Lieblings-Topping: Obst, Nussmus

Wer bist Du und was machst Du?

Ich bin Anni Drazek. Bis 2014 war ich Leichtathletin und wechselte 2014 zum Bobfahren. Dort bin ich Anschieberin in der Nationalmannschaft, zweifache Weltmeisterin, mehrfache Europameisterin und Weltcup Gewinnerin. Außerdem bin ich Bundespolizistin in der Sportförderung.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Almost nothing works without a first coffee! This is followed by a delicious and balanced breakfast, usually a porridge, but everything always with my favourite toppings. Then it's off to the first training session of the day. Lunch follows in between. Then often another workout, usually a complementary session like jumps or stabilisation training. My regeneration through physiotherapy or osteopathy must not be missing either. In the evening, I like to spend time with friends, go out sometimes, take time for all the things besides sports. 

What has been the most beautiful moment in your career so far?

My world championship titles and the participation in the Olympic Games and coming 4th there.

What is important to you in your diet?

It has to be varied, fresh, colourful (and of course often healthy too ;)). Often, especially with my lunches, it also has to be simple and quick.

What do you do in your free time?

I like to spend time with my family and friends. I like to travel very spontaneously. It's very important for me to find a balance and switch off from my sport.

I like to spend time with my family and friends.

How has Corona influenced your everyday life as a competitive athlete?

In the beginning, of course, I missed my training facilities. Like most other athletes, I had to train outside for the most part. My gym was my coach's garage. My stadium was the forest. All absolutely not ideal. Towards the summer, everything went back to a more "normal" way, which was important for us as the season was approaching. During the season, Corona was of course omnipresent. Races were run differently, venues changed, the competition was absent or only partially represented. Personally, I started to take many things for granted during this time.


"You can recognise me from a distance by...?"

"My coffee in my hand ;)"


"If I wasn't an athlete, I would be...?"

"A federal police officer"