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The protein bomb: semolina, its nutritional values and calories

Most of us think first of carbohydrates and sugar when we see semolina products in front of us. But life is not all about carbohydrates - fortunately! 

Did you know that grains are also rich in protein? And packed with other valuable nutrients like fibre or unsaturated fats? A warm semolina meal in the morning already covers large portions of the daily requirement of many nutrients. It's worth giving the little grains a chance.

That's why not all semolina is the same

The term semolina generally refers to small pieces of grain and originates from the milling trade. After the first milling pass of grain, semolina is produced, which is less fine than flour.

The basis for types of semolina is often wheat grain, but increasingly also spelt, oats or buckwheat. Maize is also suitable for production. The nutritional values of semolina can therefore not be lumped together.

We choose a particularly high-quality type of spelt for our hot bowls, the Oberkulmer red-grain spelt. As a wholemeal product, it is a particularly valuable food from a reputable producer in southern Germany, which still contains almost all the vitamins and nutrients.

Spelt vs. wheat

Although spelt grain is closely related to today's soft wheat, the grain nevertheless has other specific characteristics. If you like, spelt is an original form of wheat. Spelt contains somewhat fewer carbohydrates, but more fibre, unsaturated fatty acids and more protein.

Hildegard von Bingen already considered spelt to be the ideal grain. High-quality spelt varieties such as Oberkulmer Rotkorndinkel are inherently resistant to pests and therefore do not need to be regularly treated with pesticides. This also makes spelt so suitable for organic farming.

Wholemeal spelt semolina: carbohydrates, fat, protein and calorie table

Wholemeal semolina is a very high-quality, plant-based food with a high protein content and not too many calories.

Per 100 g contains whole grain semolina:

  • 343 kilocalories/1,452 KJ calorific value
  • 67 g carbohydrates (of which 0.4 g sugar)
  • 5.5 g dietary fibre
  • 13 g protein
  • 1.3 g fat
  • 0.03 g salt

To give you a comparison of the protein content: A size M chicken egg contains about 7 g of protein. Calculated on 100 g, that is around 12.6 g protein - absolutely comparable with semolina. Even with a portion of 50 grams, semolina provides a good portion of protein. 

Protein miracle semolina porridge


How much protein is in semolina porridge?

Grain porridge is ideal for your protein- and fibre-rich breakfast. How about a semolina porridge? 50 grams of semolina mixed with soy milk and topped with walnuts provides around 15 to 20 grams of vegan protein. Not bad, right?

Vitamins, minerals and co.: What else can semolina do?

Semolina is not only interesting when it comes to the macronutrients carbohydrates, fat and proteins. The cereal product also convinces with considerable amounts of vitamins and minerals. With 100 g of semolina you already consume a quarter of the daily requirement of vitamin B3 - and other representatives of the vitamin B family are also found in semolina. Small amounts of vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin D are also contained in semolina.

Per 100 g whole spelt semolina contains on average

  • 0.12 mg thiamine (vitamin B1)
  • 0.04 mg riboflavin (vitamin B2)
  • 0.09 mg pyridoxine (vitamin B6).

In terms of minerals and trace elements, we find in the semolina product: potassium with 112 mg, calcium with 17 mg, phosphorus with 87 mg, magnesium with 30 mg and iron with 1 mg.

Fatty acids: The omega family in spelt

Compared to wheat, spelt semolina scores with a plus in unsaturated fatty acids. When it comes to fat, it is also true that hardly any two fats are alike. Three representatives of the omega fatty acid family are found in wholemeal spelt semolina. These are the valuable fatty acids linolenic acid (omega-3), linoleic acid (omega-6) and oleic acid (omega-9).

In particular, linolenic acid as a precursor of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA as well as oleic acid are said to have many health-promoting effects. Healthy fat makes wholemeal semolina a valuable food that we should serve up more often.

Fibre: Semolina satiates and keeps the intestinal flora healthy

Do you eat a diet rich in fibre? Then you probably consume at least 30 g of fibre per day. This is the amount recommended by nutrition experts as a guideline. Spelt semolina from whole grains is just right for you: per 100 g of semolina, your healthy intestinal bacteria are happy to receive just under 6 g of fibre.

Hot Breakfast Bowl Classic Vanilla zubereitet

They have a positive effect on blood sugar levels and are also filling for a long time. Always remember that many of your gut mates feed on this fibre. Don't let them go hungry and feed them our fibre-rich Hot Bowl meals for breakfast.

Can spelt semolina help you lose weight?

But hello. It is mainly the satiety effect with a reasonable energy content that makes spelt and spelt semolina a food that can support weight loss. 

With a semolina hot bowl in the morning you stay full for a long time and reduce the desire for snacks in between. The fibre-rich wholemeal meal also has an excellent effect on insulin secretion: Blood sugar spikes are avoided with such products. The consequences: Less food cravings and no food coma that makes you tired. Instead, the meal provides you with energy from protein and good carbohydrates. On top of that, there are vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients.

For breakfast: preparing your healthy semolina meal to perfection

It's not just the semolina and its nutritional values that are beneficial in our Hot Breakfast Bowls. It's never been easier to prepare a healthy, filling breakfast! 

The quick preparation with water makes it a convenient breakfast. So from now on, lack of time is no longer an excuse for you to celebrate a healthy spelt meal for breakfast. Add your favourite toppings to make the bowl even better!

Now make more out of the first meal of the day with a Hot Bowl with spelt semolina! Three different varieties are waiting for you in our online shop: Classic Vanilla, Apricot Pistachio and Raspberry Dragonfruit. Which is your favourite?

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