10 leckere Ideen Granola zu essen – zu jeder Tageszeit

10 delicious ideas to eat granola - at any time of day

Do you love granola as much as we do and would love to eat it at every meal? Then go for it. You can enjoy crunchy granola all day long with a clear conscience - whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner or in between meals. We have a few delicious crunch ideas for you.

Granola all day long

Morning, noon, afternoon or evening? Admittedly: Classically, baked granola usually ends up in the bowl or on the plate first thing in the morning. Whether on the smoothie bowl, the yogurt or the porridge: Granola is the crunchy must-have topping in or rather on the breakfast bowl par excellence. Everyone who likes to enjoy their breakfast bowls with plenty of crunch or doesn't want to miss out on a good bite when spooning their smoothie bowl knows that this is a great idea. 

Anyone who also likes a good crunch away from breakfast should definitely give the following ten ideas a chance.

How to eat granola? 10 delicious ideas to try out

1. Creative and delicious shift work

Can't decide between a  smoothie bowl, chiapudding, porridge and granola in the morning? Luckily, you don't have to. Simply combine small portions of the different breakfast options in a large Mason Jar and use the granola as a crunchy layer, for example between porridge and chia pudding.

Chiapudding, Joghurt und Granola geschichtet mit Blaubeeren

2. Pure and straight from the bag: crunchy snack

Pure and straight from the bag, crunchy Granola is always a good idea and the best remedy for a sweet afternoon craving. But the granola snack isn't just ideal on its own: spread a few apple slices with peanut or almond butter and sprinkle with granola for the next hot snack - and the fruity, crunchy snack is ready.

3. Patty-cake crunchy cake: Granola in muffin batter

Granola can do more than crunch on a bowl - it's also great as a baking ingredient for cookies, granola bars or muffins and adds that little something extra. Simply mix a handful of granola clusters into the finished batter (carefully, so the clusters stay nice and crunchy). In no time at all, you can use it to spice up banana bread and other baking creations.

Muffins mit Blaubeeren und Granola im Teig

4. Crunch it up: Granola in pancakes and waffles

You want to give your pancakes or waffles a new coat of paint, ehm crunch factor? Then just mix a little granola into the batter. Your pancakes have never had so much bite!

5. Granola on the salad

Crispy granola is only for breakfast bowl? Nonsense: You can enjoy crunchy granola at any meal. Even for lunch. How about a super crunchy salad topping? Save yourself the hassle of toasting and caramelizing pine nuts or other nuts and stew sweet and salty granola over your salad. The crunchy topping goes best with naturally sweet vegetables like roasted carrots or sweet potatoes.

6. For purists: Granola without a lot of frills

You can also eat granola like cereals or a muesli: Pure with milk or vegetable drink. Since crunchy muesli often contains a lot of sugar and provides plenty of energy even in small amounts, you should probably not do this every morning. Better: Eat it in combination with coconut yogurt and lots of fresh fruit.

Joghurt mit Granola, Chiasamen und Beeren

7. Better than shortcrust pastry: Crunchy cake base

Granola is not only good in cakes, but also underneath, as a crunchy cake base. Crumble the crunchy granola in a bowl and mix it with liquid margarine or coconut oil to form a solid mass. Then press it into the cake pan and bake the cake base for about 10 minutes in a preheated oven (200°C top/bottom heat). Allow to cool and then finish baking with the cake filling of your choice. A creamy filling of cashews and vanilla in combination with fresh strawberries is especially delicious.

Why not try out our  Granola-Cups? They don't even need to be baked and are ready to snack in no time.

Granola Cups mit Smoothie Bowl Füllung auf einem Teller

8. For the really big granola lovers: Fine dessert with granola

Still not tired of granola in the evening? Who could blame you? Then knock up a delicious dessert with the crunchy crunch. For example, a crumble with granola crumbles. Peel and chop your favorite fruit (we love berries, cherries or apples) if necessary and then place it in a small baking dish. For the crumble, mix half a cup of granola with a quarter cup of flour and knead into crumbles with softened margarine. Sprinkle over the fruit and bake the crumble in the oven (200°C top/bottom heat) for about 20 minutes until the crumble is golden. Top with a dollop of vegan vanilla ice cream or coconut yogurt and enjoy.

Beeren-Crumble im Schälchen

9. Cookie-Love: Granola-Cookies with banana

How to make simple granola cookies: Break apart two handfuls of granola clusters in a bowl and crumble them. Mash one banana and mix with the granola and a pinch of cinnamon. Portion dough into cookies and place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake for approx. 10 minutes in a preheated oven (200°C top/bottom heat).

10. Ice ice baby: Homemade ice popsicles with granola

Popsicles and granola in one recipe? That can only be heavenly. Vegan DIY popsicles are a healthy refreshment in the summer and with granola they get that little extra. To make them, mix coconut yogurt, a few fresh berries, a teaspoon of date syrup and ground vanilla in a bowl until smooth. Chop granola a bit if necessary, put a teaspoon of granola in each popsicle mold and then top with the yogurt mixture. Insert popsicle sticks into the mold and place in the freezer overnight.

Selbstgemachtes Eis am Stiel mit Granola und Beeren

Granola can do more than finish off your smoothie bowl. Which of the granola inspirations do you like best? Tell us and show us your granola creations on Instagram!

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