Endless Summer Beach Smoothie Bowl

Endless Summer Beach Smoothie Bowl

You miss the sea and the beach? Then you'll get beach vibes for breakfast today: With the refreshing Summer Beach Bowl you can easily bring the sea to your breakfast table.

Endless Summer Beach Bowl with Tropical Twist Topping

Our Ocean Bowl of banana, pineapple, mango and coconut forms the basis of the cold bowl and tastes so fruity, as if you were spooning the bowl in the shade of a large coconut palm on the sandy beach. Topped with Coconut Crush, our spoonable coconut praline, fresh watermelon, cherry coconut granola and the Tropical Twist topping of fruity mango, sweet mulberries, goji berries and crunchy cashews, you've got everything you need for a dream trip to the beach.

Sunglasses on, sit back and enjoy!

Ingredients for an Endless Summer Beach Bowl

Ingredients Summer Beach Bowl


  1. Ocean Bowl blend with 150 ml of water to make a creamy smoothie bowl.
  2. Decorate with Coconut Crush, melon, granola and Tropical Twist Topping.

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