Granola ist ein beliebtes Bowl-Topping

Bowl Toppings: The Best Ideas for Sweet and Savoury Bowls

Let's be honest: A breakfast bowl without toppings is like a cupcake without frosting. There is more to toppings than just providing a variety of tastes. They bring an extra dose of protein, vitamins and fiber to your breakfast. In addition to taste, consistency and nutrients, bowl toppings can do something completely different: They turn your first meal of the day into an aesthetic masterpiece that not only spoils your palate but also your eyes - and makes every foodie's heart beat faster.

  1. Top 3 Bowl Toppings
  2. Toppings with a bite
  3. Creamy temptation
  4. For those with a sweet tooth
  5. Small energy suppliers
  6. Aromatic spice blends
  7. Edible flowers
  8. Bowl toppings for savory dishes

Do you regularly stand at a loss in front of your pantry looking for a delicious finish for the delicacies in your bowl? Here you will not only find our top 3 favorite bowl toppings, but also lots of additional inspiration for sweet and savory breakfast bowls.

Two colorful smoothie bowls with toppings

Topping Love: Top 3 Bowl Toppings

Topping love is very important to us. We've rounded up the Wholey family's preferences and present you with our top 3:

  1. Almond: So delicious, so creamy, so packed with protein and fiber. You can easily spread almond butter over porridge, a smoothie bowl or your hot bowl and enjoy it. Although you can never eat almond butter instead of eating it anyway: Do you still fancy a taste variation? try Almond Candy. The vegan nut butter is reminiscent of roasted almonds and is creamy and crunchy at the same time.
  2. Fresh fruit: Fresh fruits are not only pretty, but also super tasty and healthy. Whether seasonal or with exotic flair: With fruit as a topping you start the day with an extra vitamin kick.
  3. Crunchy Granola: Need some bite to contrast with your creamy breakfast dish? Our crunchy granola in three flavors brings not only an additional taste variation, but also crispy crunchy pleasure in your bowl.

Inspiration for bowl toppings

In addition to our top 3, the world of bowl toppings naturally has far more variety to offer. Here you will find crunchy, creamy, sweet, nutritious, aromatic and simply pretty bowl toppings. Of course, you don't have to decide on one topping, you can combine as many as you like.

Bowl toppings with a bite

You love oatmeal, smoothie bowls and semolina porridge, but you definitely need something to bite? We feel you. These crunchy toppings not only provide the necessary crunch factor, they are also healthy.

nuts and kernels

Nuts are not only crunchy, they also provide valuable omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Depending on your mood, you can sprinkle walnuts, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, cashew nuts and more over the porridge or smoothie bowl. Our tip: Briefly roast your nuts in a pan or in the oven before pouring them over your bowl. So you can enjoy wonderful roasted aromas on your bowl and on top of that you can look forward to the heavenly scent that spreads throughout the kitchen while roasting.

Cocoa nibs

Breakfast Bowl topped with Cocoa nibs

The crushed cocoa beans not only enrich your breakfast dish with the intense chocolate taste, they are also rich in calcium and magnesium. Our tip: For the maximum chocolaty breakfast experience, combine cocoa nibs with ours vegan chocolate cream without refined sugar!

Crunchy granola

Granola is the ultimate crunchy topping. If you have only sprinkled listlessly soft oatmeal over your bowl, the crispy baked muesli is your game changer. Are your sugar trap antennas on alert right now? None! Healthy granola is easy to make when it's mostly cereal and nuts.

Creamy temptation

Our super creamy Super Porridge isn't creamy enough for you? A spoonful of yoghurt or a load of nut butter refine your breakfast into a maximum creamy temptation.

Nut butter

You can now buy or make a corresponding mush from almost any nut. Stock up on a small supply of your favorite varieties and vary them every morning according to your mood. Our tip: while almond and hazelnut butter go well with a chocolatey base, coconut and cashew butter are a wonderful addition to fruity smoothie bowls. You love contrasts? Then combine the nut butters the other way around.

Plant-based yogurt

A dab of yoghurt makes your breakfast that much creamier. Fortunately, soy, almond, oat or coconut-based yoghurt alternatives can be found in almost every supermarket, even in different flavors. You will also take the positive effects of yoghurt cultures on the intestinal flora with you.

For those with a sweet tooth

Your sweet tooth knows no bounds? In addition to fresh fruit or crunchy granola, these toppings are a good way to add more or less healthy sweetness.

Dried fruit

You can naturally sweeten your breakfast with dried dates, figs, apricots or the classic raisins. Depending on the variety, dried fruits add color to the breakfast bowl as a bowl topping. Try dried strawberries or pomegranate seeds!

Grated chocolate

Do you like to make yourself comfortable under the cozy duvet with your breakfast bowl at the weekend? Then small pieces of chocolate are perfect to additionally caress your soul. However, it does not have to be the sugar-packed chocolate shavings from the supermarket. If possible, get some sugar-free chocolate and use a knife to scrape off your sprinkles. The rule of thumb: the higher the cocoa content, the healthier the chocolate!

Small superfood suppliers of energy

Whether you jump on the superfood nutrition trend or not, these little seeds pack a punch. Chia or peeled hemp seeds can be easily combined with oatmeal or a smoothie bowl. Not only do they look good, they also contain fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron.

Smoothie Bowl with hemp seeds

Our tip: stock your pantry generously with the small energy suppliers and easily integrate important nutrients into the first meal of the day. You like it less trendy, but just as healthy? Then reach for local pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Flaxseeds are also considered a local superfood and are in no way inferior to chia seeds.

Aromatic spice blends

What would a porridge be without cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, raw cocoa or a hint of speculoos or gingerbread? You can buy pre-mixed spice blends or you can easily make them yourself. This mixture is wonderful on or in the porridge.

  • 3 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp cardamom
  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tsp ground cloves

Mix the spices together and use about half a teaspoon of the mixture per bowl. Store the remaining mix in a tightly sealable jar. This keeps the aroma longer.

For a special feast for the eyes: edible flowers

Flower mixes are a great idea for adding a special touch to brunch with friends or family. You can find the flowers in well-stocked organic markets. Our tip: If you have the opportunity, you can also use flowers from your garden or balcony as a bowl topping. Rose petals, lavender blossoms or cornflowers provide a wonderful color accent.

What do I have to look out for with my bowl toppings

As with all other foods, be careful with your bowl toppings, if possible organic quality to choose. As always, you should take a look at the ingredients. If you can't even pronounce ingredients, it's a sign that you should stay away from the product.

It is often worth making your own toppings, not only in terms of price but also in terms of quality, instead of using ready-made mixes from the supermarket. Then you know exactly what's inside.

Bowl toppings for savory dishes

Woman holding Bowl with lots of veggies

Although we could have sweet breakfasts all day long, we don't want to withhold bowl toppings for savory bowl happiness.

  • Fresh herbs :are not only delicious, they also give you a bite and, depending on the variety, have positive effects on the body. For example, dill, fennel and savory counteract flatulence, while parsley and basil stimulate kidney activity and have a draining effect. Finely chop the herbs and sprinkle them over your dish as you wish.
  • Sprouts :You can sprinkle them generously over salads or stews and soups. Depending on your taste, choose mild alfalfa sprouts, spicy radish sprouts or spicy broccoli sprouts.
  • Roasted Peanuts are the perfect addition to Asian dishes such as rice noodles with tofu, tempeh and vegetables. Plan B: Roasted cashews.
  • Crispy chickpeas are a crunchy change for Buddha bowls, which consist of all kinds of delicious vegetables. Simply roast cooked chickpeas from the jar with spices of your choice in the pan or bake them in the oven until crispy.
  • Nuts, seeds and kernels are both roasted and raw a delicious and simple bowl topping that always goes with everything.

With these ideas you are well prepared to add more variety to your bowl topping selection. From now on, not only make your breakfast healthy and delicious, but also give the first meal of the day an aesthetic touch - good mood and happiness guaranteed.

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