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Vegan breakfast to go: 9 ideas + tips

When things have to go fast in the morning, does your breakfast often come up short? We think: Time to change something about it. The "to go" trend which has arrived in our breakfast world too, invites you to try out ideas for balanced and healthy breakfast recipes on the go. Sounds good? Then get inspired by our recipes and tips and find out which is your favorite vegan breakfast to go.

  1. The healthy classic: Overnight Oats
  2. Superfood to go: Chia-Pudding
  3. Team Crunch: Soy yogurt with fruits and granola
  4. Healthy childhood memory: rice pudding
  5. Liquid vitamin bombs: smoothies
  6. Brekafast snacks: fruit salad with nuts
  7. Also goes healthy: cake
  8. Vegan brunch idea: salad with chickpeas
  9. Savoury meal: sandwiches

Delicious breakfast dishes to take on the go

Before we give you some handy tips and tricks for storing and transporting breakfast ideas to go, let's take a look at popular vegan recipes you can enjoy on your way to the gym, school, on the train, or between meetings at the office. Your effort in the kitchen? Minimal. Nutrient and vitamin content and taste? High and highly delicious.

The healthy classic: Overnight Oats

You can buy ready-made Overnight Oats even in your favorite café around the corner - or prepare them yourself in just a few minutes in the evening. In addition to oatmeal, all you need is a plant-based drink of your choice, some cinnamon and, depending on your preference, chia seeds, agave syrup, fresh berries or nuts as toppings.

Overnight Oats in the glas

For a fruity kickstart to your day, we recommend our recipe for Coconut Berry Overnight Oats. Whether it's before a workout, on the train, or at the office, you can easily integrate this power breakfast into your daily routine and add nuts, cocoa nibs or coconut flakes to suit your taste.

Superfood to go: chia pudding

Just as uncomplicated and quick as overnight oats, a creamy pudding made from chia seeds and a plant-based drink of your choice, such as almonds, can be prepared in no time. Fresh fruit or a homemade berry compote refine the healthy meal for breakfast or lunch break.

Team Crunch: soy yogurt with fruit and granola

You want to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen in the morning? Then here comes your new favorite recipe for the morning breakfast sprint. We're going with the layering system and focusing on three healthy breakfast basics. Creamy soy yogurt forms the base, followed by fresh, seasonal fruit. Homemade granola provides a nice dose of crunch. Served in a jam jar or jar with a lid, the morning meal is a real highlight, both in terms of taste and appearance.

Healthy childhood memory: rice pudding

Vegan rice pudding in a jar

Rice pudding tastes like childhood, Sunday afternoons, applesauce - and more recently, a healthy power breakfast. Our recipe for vegan rice pudding with oat milk provides you not only on Sundays, but every day with guaranteed long-lasting feelings of happiness and satiety. This is due to vegan and organic ingredients, sophisticated topping ideas and a lot of love. After all, that's what makes our healthy rice pudding what it should be: feel good food for every day.

If you have to be quick in the morning, we recommend our Hot Bowl with rice pudding flakes in three different flavors.

Fluid vitamin bombs: smoothies

When it comes to combining ingredients for vitamin-rich smoothies, feel free to get creative. Our recipe tip: 50 percent green leafy vegetables and 50 percent fruit ensure a balanced mix of vitamins and provide you with plenty of energy, which you can definitely put to good use after your morning sports session or before your first meeting. For a long-lasting feeling of satiety, you can also add oatmeal to your smoothie mix.

Morning snacks: fruit salad with nuts

Fresh fruit provides healthy enjoyment already in the morning. In combination with almonds, sunflower seeds and other nuts of your choice, the light meal is a real kick-start to the day. Our tip: Regional fruit such as pears, apples and the like taste like a culinary getaway when combined with exotic fruits such as pineapple, figs or melon.

Also goes healthy: cake

Vegan banana bread with nutmeg

You are rather the sweet than savory breakfast type? Then vegan oatmeal-based cake or a classic vegan banana bread are sure to take your heart (and stomach) by storm. Prepared at home, you can enjoy your creation at school, university or at work without a guilty conscience. Speaking of which - you can also snack on our four Nut Meg Creations in Coconut Crush, Wholey Sh*t, Almond Candy and Pink Cashew flavors with no regrets or, even better, serve them as a creamy topping on your breakfast cake.

Vegan brunch idea: salad with chickpeas

Whether it's a hearty breakfast or a light lunch, a vegan salad with chickpeas is a nice change of pace from our sweet breakfast ideas. Unlike sweet snacks, legumes also provide you with important fiber that keeps blood sugar levels low and keeps you full for a long time. Our favorite combo: chickpeas, a finely chopped bell pepper and cucumber, sun-dried tomatoes, and a homemade dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, and some agave syrup.

Savoury meal: sandwiches

With a hearty sandwich you start the day well strengthened. By the way, you can find a delicious recipe for vegan bread in our collection around simple vegan breakfast ideas Salad, grilled vegetables and vegan cream cheese further enhance your breakfast.

Breakfast for on the go: How the transport works

Vegan sandwich in a box

The big advantage of homemade breakfast ideas? The elimination of single-use plastic. Instead, you can use reusable alternatives such as metal or plastic lunchboxes, thermal mugs and jars with lids for storage and transport. But beware: When looking for suitable packaging for your breakfast on the go, follow our tips:

  1. Secure your sandwich with small metal skewers before placing it in your lunchbox. That way, it won't fall apart on the way to the office.
  2. Takeaway boxes that are divided into individual compartments are ideal for transporting salad or fruit. The compartments ensure that ingredients don't get mixed up along on the way and, in the worst case scenario, become mushy.
  3. Pour porridge or rice pudding in a thermal or tightly-sealing coffee-to-go mug. This will keep your vegan takeout breakfast warm and make it easier to transport.
  4. Prepare chia pudding or overnight oats in a screw-top jar. This way you can take your breakfast out of the fridge in the morning and save time.

Could we inspire you with our ideas for a vegan breakfast to go? No matter which recipe is your favorite - we wish you a good appetite and a healthy start to the day.

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