Vegane Ernährung beim Frühstück

Annoying phrases vegans can no longer hear...

Vegan breakfast: Vegans can no longer hear these annoying sentences

Sunday morning, 10:30 a.m. You sit relaxed with your family at the set breakfast table, dreamily sip your oat milk latte and suspect no harm. However, as soon as you have taken the first bite in your avocado sandwich, they start already: annoying comments about your diet - your VEGAN diet. And not only that: Your family is actually running at full speed today. As vegans, we can no longer hear these sentences with the best will in the world.

"I could be vegetarian. But without cheese? Never."

Honestly, dear sister? We feel you! We probably all thought that before we banned Gouda & Co. from our breads. And yes, it was tough. No wonder: cheese, like sugar, is said to be addicting. But, surprise: it works. Where there is a will, there is also a way. Or a vegan cheese melt. Of course, you can't expect vegan cheese alternatives to taste like the original. In the meantime, however, the selection of vegan cheese alternatives is huge - and some come frighteningly close to the original. And: You don't have to completely remove Emmentaler, Feta & Co. from the menu overnight. Small steps help to gradually overcome the cheese addiction.

"But there's so much calcium in milk." 

Yes mom, there is a lot of calcium in cow's milk. Conversely, this does not mean that plants are low in calcium. On the contrary: flax or chia seeds, sesame, almonds, amaranth, soy or green leafy vegetables are ideal, vegan sources of calcium. Almost all plant drinks are now also fortified with calcium. For comparison: a glass of cow's milk (150 ml) contains approx. 180 mg calcium, a glass of oat drink with added calcium contains just as much. If you want to reassure your worried parents - or if you want to shine with a few numbers - the next time just mix a tablespoon of chia seeds and almond butter (approx. 70 mg calcium each) into the muesli and rinse everything with a large glass of mineral water (up to 150 mg Calcium). 

Veganes Grünzeug

"Only fruit and greens don't really fill you up." 

Your stomach growls and your little brother looks worriedly at the breakfast bowl in front of you. “No wonder, I wouldn't be full just with fruit and greens”. Ok wow Apart from the fact that, thanks to all the comments, you haven't even gotten to eat anything, that's of course absolute nonsense. After all, you haven't even started to properly arrange your breakfast bowl. Ever heard of toppings? They play the main role in yoghurt, porridge and smoothie bowl. Not just for the eye, but also for a good gut feeling. Thanks to three tablespoons of almond butter and half a pack of granola, your smoothie bowl is good and sometimes even half a kilo heavier - at least. Toppings make your “oh so vegan breakfast” not only more filling, but also much more nutritious. The genius: You can adapt it to your cravings - and your hunger - every day. Your brother wrinkles his nose. For once, he refuses to comment whether you can still lift the bowl at all (haha) today.

"Vegan sausage - does that really have to be?"

That's right, it really doesn't have to be. It's downright foolish that vegans want - in the truest sense of the word - an extra sausage. After all, meat has a prerogative to be processed as sausage. It has always been like that - and that's why it stays that way. The fact that no animals have to die for the production of vegan sausage seems to be swept under the table in the chain of argument. And: Vegan cold cuts can now definitely compete with meat sausage and salami in terms of taste. To come back to the question: No, of course it doesn't have to be vegan sausage. But it offers an ingenious introduction to the vegan diet and is perfect for everyone who doesn't want to swap their beloved salami for a fancy lentil and pepper spread right away. 

"What can you still eat then?"

Good question. It's not like that by now you have reached your second coconut yogurt and third bread roll. And that, although your sister has destroyed all vegan spreads (O-Ton: “It doesn't even taste that bad”). When you think of the classic German breakfast - sausage or cheese bread, boiled egg, milk coffee and Nutella toast - there is of course not that much left for vegans if milk, cheese, sausage and eggs are omitted. However, if you are open to new things, you will quickly notice how varied, fresh and delicious a vegan breakfast can be. Keyword porridge, scrambled tofu, Smoothie Bowl ... 

"I'm actually almost vegan already."

True to the motto “A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved”, your brother tries to break the mood with a “Now take it easy. I'm actually almost vegan ”. A scrutinizing look at his plate will tell you: But only almost. The comment is meant nicely, but it can't really mean it with the cream cheese bagel and the huge portion of scrambled eggs. He quickly tries to hide the two slices of bacon under his napkin. Too late. He shrugs his shoulders and looks at you apologetically. But hey, the two cucumber slices on the bagel and the pinch of chives in the scrambled eggs are definitely vegan. Keep it up, brother. You are on the right way!

vegane Cupcakes 

Do you fancy a vegan #breakfastinspo? How about these delicious stuffed ones Granola cups? You can find the recipe on our blog. Or just take a look Instagram stop by and be inspired by our smoothie bowls.

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