Exotische Früchte am Beckenrand

Want to cool down? The best tips against summer heat

Summer, sun - hot flashes! As much as we love the warm temperatures in the summer months: Sometimes it just gets too much with the heat. Especially when we are trapped in the home office, droplets of sweat are slowly but surely running down our foreheads in the first call at 9 o'clock and the cooling after-work drink is still a long way off ... Does it sound familiar? Then it's high time to cool down!

Keep it cool: With our tips you will get through the hot days smoothly 😎 

Sipping a smoothie

Old, but gold: on hot days, nothing beats a cold smoothie! And rightly so. The colorful drinks not only cool you down in a flash, but are also filled to the brim with fresh fruit. Perfect for a small (or large) vitamin boost in between. Another advantage: The body can digest the smoothie better than a heavy meal and can therefore invest more energy in cooling it down. If a smoothie is too boring for you, you can simply put a Wholey Bowl in the mixer (tip: This is how you prepare the perfect smoothie bowl) and decorate with your favorite toppings. 

Lean back, close your eyes and enjoy the cooling break!

Nibble coconut

And not just for the Tropicana feeling on balconies. Coconut has a cooling effect on the body and works wonders on hot summer days. The juicy pulp is therefore the perfect snack in midsummer - or the ideal bowl topping. Coconut water also helps cool down. Among other things, it is rich in potassium and sodium and thus balances the electrolyte balance, which can easily get out of balance due to the excessive sweating on hot days. 

Plan B: coconut yogurt. Neat or mixed with a few berries and fresh mint garnished. Splendid!

leckerer Smoothie gegen die Hitze

Cooling foot bath

Even Omi knew that foot baths work wonders. However, they not only help against tired legs, but are also an ideal way to declare war on the summer heat. All you need is a bucket or large bowl of cold water. The footbath is especially perfect for the home office: while you lead your team through the latest figures in a meeting, you can happily splash around in the cool water under the table - and keep not only cool feet, but also a cool head. 

Pimp your foot bath: A tablespoon of baking soda (sodium hydrogen carbonate) in the water makes your feet wonderfully supple and suitable for flip flops. 

Water on! 

Drinking a lot is not only very important in the heat, but also helps against the heat embarrassment. It is best to fill a large carafe with cool, still water and always keep it within reach on the desk. A few slices of cucumber and mint leaves in the water also cool. Imagine a reminder to drink at least one large glass every hour. “Stay hydrated” also applies to the skin. You can refresh yourself with a facial spray and at the same time do something for your fresh summer glow. 

Spread the love and treat your houseplants with a few sprays in between. Sharing is caring!

And finally, our boss tip for the next heat wave: Try all of the tips at once. So you are guaranteed to cool down in any case!