Wholey Açaí Drops

Wholey loves Açaí: You can use our Açaí Drops in so many ways

Wonderfully earthy and so intensely berry: Açaí berries simply taste unique - and we don't want to go without them and their benefits for a day. Fortunately, we don't even have to: With our drops, you can easily get the superfood from Brazil into your breakfast bowl.

It's that easy to use our Wholey Açaí Drops

The best: Our açaí pulp is already perfectly pre-portioned in drops and therefore, unlike other açaí purees, does not need any plastic packaging. Specifically, this means that you don't have to struggle with the stubborn plastic film when opening it as usual - and that you can wear your favorite white shirt during preparation without any worries. No plastic waste, no mess, no stress. 

Simply take one (or two) açaí drop out of the packaging, add the ingredients of your choice to the blender - done.

This is how you can use our açaí drops

Whether smoothie bowl, chia pudding or pancakes: Açaí drops are the perfect addition to your breakfast. Here are seven different ways to smuggle the purple superberries into your breakfast and declare war on your açaí cravings.

For the smoothie bowl

Anyone who says açaí must also say bowl. One thing is certain: real açaí fruit puree belongs in a real açaí bowl. With our drops, the preparation of the purple bowl is child's play: Mix a drop with frozen banana, blueberries, coconut milk or coconut yoghurt and a dash of maple syrup to a creamy mixture. Granola, peanut butter and coconut chips as a topping make the bowl perfect. 

In the smoothie

Try something new than your standard smoothie. With the Açaí Drops you can easily add variety to the blender and your breakfast smoothie. Just add a drop to your favorite smoothie. We like a mix of banana, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, coconut milk and a splash of lemon best.

Berry nice cream

Dark red, berry and creamy ice cream without industrial sugar? Here you go: Simply mix some frozen banana slices, an açaí drop and a dash of coconut milk until creamy in the blender - the intense berry refreshment is ready. Enjoy pure or with cocoa nibs and coconut chips!

For baking

Açaí is not only excellent in a smoothie or bowl, the superfood drops are also ideal for baking. For example, conjure up a purple frosting for cupcakes or a ganache for chocolate cake in no time at all. How it works? Let the drop thaw and then simply beat it under your frosting recipe. Cupcakes and cakes have never been so pretty.

No bake desserts

The purple berry goes well not only with cakes on the oven, but also with raw vegan desserts. For example to Mini açaí cheesecakes: The slightly sour taste of the açaí drops goes well with the creamy cashew cream. D.he little tarts are ein fruity-sweet dessert for summer and a healthy, vegan cheesecake alternative.Raw vegan Mini Açaí Cheesecakes

Pancake topping

Can't you choose between pancakes and açaí bowl for breakfast? Good news: You won't have to anymore in the future. Simply prepare a fruit compote with the Açaí Drops. Simply put one of our drops with other frozen fruits and a dash of plant-based drink in the blender and pour generously over the pancakes. You can find a recipe for vegan super fluffy pancakes at our Insta account.

Chia pudding

Blueberries and raspberries on your chia pudding are all well and good, but sometimes it can also be a little more unusual ... How about an açaí upgrade? Thaw a drop and then mix it with a cup of coconut milk or plant-based drink of your choice. Mix in about 5 tablespoons of chia seeds and let stand for 15 minutes. A tablespoon of maple syrup and a pinch of vanilla powder make the pudding even better. 

What do you like to use Açaí and our drops for? Share your creations with us Instagram and use the # wholeylovesaçaí.