Vorteile der veganen Ernährung Wholey

Why a vegan diet is worth it

A vegan diet can be incredibly varied, diverse and delicious. It has even been scientifically proven that it is also healthy. In this article you will find out why you can safely do without meat and other animal products and instead enjoy a vegan life.

Study confirms: vegan nutrition is healthy

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), the largest American society for nutrition, writes in its position paper that a well-planned vegan diet is healthy, needs-covering and suitable for all phases of life. According to the organization, the vegan diet can even reduce the risk of diet-related diseases such as high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes mellitus and have a preventive effect against some cancers or obesity. *

So you can absorb important nutrients with plant-based food

Many people think that they should eat meat because otherwise they would be deprived of essential nutrients. In animals, however, vitamins and minerals only enter their organism in the course of the food chain. That is why we do not have to eat any animal products in order to absorb a certain nutrient, but can eat plant-based food without any problems. Only vitamin B 12 cannot be absorbed through a vegan diet and should be supplemented with a dietary supplement. So nothing stands in the way of a vegan lifestyle. Yay!

Vitamin C kicks ensure better iron absorption

You can also prevent iron deficiency with wholesome vegan meals: Vegetables such as spinach and Swiss chard contain a lot of iron - wheat bran, oat flakes and legumes are also good sources of iron. Vitamin C can help to absorb iron better. You can, for example, combine fruit and berries with a main meal. A glass of orange juice with food also promotes iron absorption. Or how about using vitamin C-rich lemon juice for your salad dressing instead of vinegar? The citrus note also tastes fresh and tangy.

Smoothies are concentrated boosters

Smoothies are an ideal addition to a healthy plant-based diet. They are a real cocktail of everything that plants have to offer and they taste super delicious - whether for breakfast or in between. Prepared from fresh or shock-frozen fruit and vegetables, they are rich in vitamins and nutrients. 


If you rely on a lot of variety and wholesome foods, you can take in all the important nutrients - except for vitamin B 12 - with a vegan diet. 


* AND study: https://jandonline.org/article/S2212-2672(16)31192-3/fulltext

Niko Rittenau (2019): Goodbye vegan cliché! Scientific answers to critical questions about vegan nutrition. Ventil Verlag UG & Co. KG, Mainz







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