Vegane Snacks für unterwegs: 7 Ideen zum Mitnehmen

Vegane Snacks für unterwegs: 7 Ideen zum Mitnehmen

Who doesn't know it? As soon as you're sitting in the car or the train starts rolling, you get a little - or rather a lot - of hunger. But to be on the road with a growling stomach? Without us! So it's better to pack too much food than too little.

Even on the road, healthy and vegan nutrition does not have to suffer. The magic word is: Meal Prep. With the right preparation, you're well prepared. Here are our favorite takeaway snacks.

  • Wraps with your favorite filling
  • Chia Pudding
  • Overnight Oats
  • Nuts and Fruits
  • Vegetableticks
  • Cols Pasta-Salad
  • Granola bar
  • Snacking on the go: Basics and tips

    Fresh and healthy snacks are one thing - but even the tastiest dressing and healthiest bread are no use if you arrive at your destination covered in spills or with 100 grams of crumbs in your lap. There are a few things to keep in mind so that everything goes smoothly with the vegan snack on the road - and nothing goes down.

      • The right packaging: When it comes to packaging, opt for solid materials such as Tupperware or glass containers. Why? We all know the situation where the chocolate croissant in the paper bag between the front door and the bus stop somehow made it all the way to the bottom of the backpack. Slab croissants or squashed food? No, thanks - especially not when you're on the road.

      • Cool well: Especially in the summer and on long trips in high temperatures, snacks in your luggage suffer. Make sure you buy all the ingredients fresh before Meal Prep and refrigerate them well. It's also worth putting the prepared meal in the fridge for an hour or two before the trip starts, then it will cool down a bit more. Pro tip: a Tupperware container with a cold pack in the lid.

      • As much as they love: Creamy spreads and chocolaty creams on bread or as a dip are not a terrific idea when you're on the go. They literally melt off the bread - especially at high temperatures - and leave nasty grease stains on clothes, bags or upholstery. And lick your fingers on the way? Not very appetizing. The only exception: stirred into porridge or as a topping on chia pudding..

      Vegan snacks for the plane

      Tasty sauces, smoothies and creamy yogurts unfortunately won't get you through airport security. So go for wraps, fruit, nuts, bars and anything that isn't liquid. Unfortunately, there's bad news for porridge fans: Semi-liquid foods, which unfortunately include our beloved Haferbrei unfortunately have no place in hand luggage either. Semi-liquid foods also include nut mousses, cream soups and spreads.

      Oven-roasted vegetables with firm smoked tofu from the night before make great healthy snacks at the gate, but so do Bliss Balls, granola bars or cold Pancakes aus Haferflocken

      Vegan snacks for the car ride

      Are you traveling oldschool by bus, train or car? Excellent - now you can really let off steam when it comes to snacks. Anything you feel like is allowed - provided you eat it during the break at the rest stop. You should be a little more careful in the car: The nut cream will end up on the upholstery faster than you can say "Wholey Sh*t", especially in summer.

      Vegan snacks while hiking and cycling

      Hiking and biking makes you hungry! The right provisions for the breather is therefore indispensable. Overnight oats are particularly good: full of satiating fiber and complex carbohydrates that provide an energy boost. Wraps, breads and cold salads are also great for when those little hunger pangs strike. Nuts, dried fruit, fruit or Bliss Balls are also perfect for snacking on the go. 

      Vegan snacks at the festival

      Summertime is festival time! What on Fusion, Dockville & Co. must not be missing, of course: ice-cold drinks. Practical, because in the cooler bag findet your vegan provisions also have a cool place. Whether it's smoked tofu, chia pudding, vegan sausages for the grill or a pre-mixed smoothie for a vitamin boost in the morning, you won't be short of vegan snacks in any case.

      And: Always make sure you have a vegan date bar in your breast pocket - then nothing will stand in the way of a night of dancing without cravings.

      Recipe ideas for healthy snacks on the go

      Whether for the next bike ride, while hiking, on the train ride or for the next picnic: With these recipes you are optimally prepared for any snack attack.

      Wraps with your favorite filling

      Wraps are super easy to prepare and absolutely versatile! All you need is a tortilla wrap and the filling of your choice: it can be oven vegetables, lettuce, sprouts, fried mushrooms, quinoa, falafel or tofu scramble - or a mixture of your favorite ingredients.

      First spread the wrap with vegan cream cheese, hummus, vegan pesto or a spread of your choice. Use a little less spread than usual so that nothing drips later. Then fill the middle of the bottom half with your favorite vegan ingredients and roll up the wrap: To do this, fold in the short tortilla sides first, then one long tortilla side, and roll up toward the open side.

      Vegane Wraps gestapelt

      The advantage over the good old sandwich: Nothing can fall out on the left and right. When preparing the wraps, however, make sure that you roll them up tightly and cover the lower part of the wrap with some baking paper or a beeswax cloth. Then nothing will spill.

      Optimal for: Car rides, on the plane, as a reward after the summit climb

      Chia Pudding

      A high-fiber snack that also provides healthy fats and satiates well: Chia Pudding. This snack is easy to prepare in a glass jar with a screw cap or in a Tupperware container: Fill the jar one-quarter full with chia seeds, top with plant-based drink and sweeten with sweetener of your choice. Stir well and then let swell for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Ground vanilla, cinnamon or cocoa powder in the pudding or a few fresh berries in or on top of the pudding also taste delicious. Important: Do not forget a spoon!

      Ideal for: the first stage break or a trip to the countryside

      Chia Pudding mit Kakao und Nüssen im Glas

      Overnight Oats

      Wie Chia Pudding sind auch Overnight Oats prepared in no time and packed into the backpack. The oatmeal base is filling, which is why we love Overnight Oats not only on morning train rides, but also as a snack for hiking or biking. Best of all, you can customize the oats to your taste!

      Optimal for the break while cycling, hiking or early in the morning on the train 

      Overnight Oats with pomegranate in a jar 

      Nüsse und Obst

      Old but gold: Nuts and fruit are still the absolute hit when it comes to healthy snacking. Good old apple and decoction food sound too boring? They don't have to be! Create your own nut-nibble mix using your favorite nuts, coconut chips, cacao nibs, and dried fruits like mango. Tip: Roast the nuts beforehand.

      For fruit, anything that doesn't get too muddy and is easy to transport is a good choice, such as apples, grapes, apricots or pears. Are you a banana fan? Then pack a small jar of nut puree and dip it like it's hot..

      Optimal: Always when the little hunger comes up


      Sticks of cucumber, carrots, peppers or kohlrabi may not sound quite so deluxe at first, but they make a great addition to wraps, sandwiches and other savory snacks. Add a tasty spread or hummus in a jar and you're ready to snack.

      Optimal für lange Zug- und Autofahrten

      Gemüsesticks und Dips auf einer Platte

      Kalter Pasta-Salat mit blitzschnellem Dressing

      You had pasta last night and you still have some left? Excellent. Then there is a cold pasta salad for you today - super easy and quickly prepared.

      Ingredients for the pasta

        • a portion of cold spelt pasta from the previous day, preferably penne
        • a handful of cocktail tomatoes
        • a handful of leaf spinach or arugula
        • 30 g Olives
        • 50 g vegan feta cheese or smoked tofu
        • 1 Tbsp. pine nuts (if you have a little more time to prepare: toast them briefly in a pan)

          Ingredients for the lightning pasta dressing

          • 1 stalk basil
          • 50 g vegan vegetable spread
          • 2 Tbsp soy yogurt (unsweetened)
          • 1 Tbsp. lemon juice
          • Sea salt and pepper from the mill


            1. Wash tomatoes, pat dry and cut into quarters. Sort the arugula / spinach leaves, wash and spin dry. Pit olives if necessary and cut in half. Dab the feta or smoked tofu with a paper towel and cut into small cubes.
            2. For the lightning pasta dressing, wash basil, shake dry, pluck off leaves and chop finely. Mix with vegetable spread, yogurt and lemon juice. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
            3. Mix the pasta with the dressing and then fold in the remaining ingredients. Season again and pour pasta salad into a well-sealed container.


            Instead of tomatoes, olives and arugula taste also other vegetables: peas, zucchini, corn, eggplant, broccoli. ...

            Optimal for day trips, when you are stuck in traffic or the train has to wait a little longer again 

              Veganer Pasta-Salat mit Tofu und Tomaten

                Granola bar

                Pithy, lightly sweet and filling: Muesli bars are, of course, not to be missed on an outing. A healthy alternative to sugary and sticky bars are homemade Açaí-Crumble-Schnitten: without refined sugar, but with a layer of fruity-fresh açaí. Put it in your backpack! Ideal not only for picnics, but also for excursions and as provisions when cycling or driving.

                Ideal for a picnic with friends, when traveling, for a date in the park

                Açaí Crumble Schnitten zum Mitnehmen

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