Ist Porridge gesund? Mit diesen Tipps gelingt das Powerfrühstück

Is porridge healthy? With these tips the power breakfast succeeds

delicious, easy to prepare and food bloggers and athletes swear by it:Porridge. Meanwhile, the oatmeal is available in all variations: cold as Overnight Oats, baked, with berries or fruit compote, with cinnamon or vanilla...

What is spooned so much must also be a healthy breakfast, right? Can - but doesn't have to.

  1. Benefits: That is why porridge is healthy
  2. Healthy or unhealthy: it depends on the ingredients
  3. Diese Fehler bei der Vorbereitung sollten Sie vermeiden
  4. Is porridge a healthy breakfast for every day?
  5. Porridge recipes and porridge variations for your breakfast
  6. Conclusion: Porridge is so healthy

Benefits: That's why porridge is healthy

And that's exactly why it's so difficult to give a blanket assessment of how healthy porridge is or how many nutritional values and calories it has. But one thing is certain: the basic ingredients can definitely be judged as healthy.

Why? Porridge is classically prepared with oatmeal, which is the base.


  • are rich in protein, fiber and contain many vitamins and minerals. Fiber ensures that digestion is stimulated, the blood sugar level does not rise and fall rapidly after eating, and that you are full for a long time.

  • contain vitamin B1 and magnesium, which support normal muscle activity and promote muscle development and regeneration.

  • provide beta-glucan - a dietary fiber that has been shown to have a positive effect on cholesterol levels.

Unlike a classic breakfast of bread rolls with jam or breakfast cereals, porridge keeps you full for a really long time and provides more vegetable protein and long-chain carbohydrates that provide the body with energy for many hours.

Milk and vegetable milk

Liquid is the second component of porridge.

Cow's milk naturally provides a pleasant sweetness and plenty of creaminess, and is also rich in calcium, protein and vitamin D.

But plant-based drinks are also perfect for creating a creamy porridge: rice drink is naturally sweet, oat milk contains extra fiber, and soy or pea drink are rich in plant protein. Nut drinks such as almond, cashew, hazelnut or coconut drink make the porridge full-bodied and provide a nutty, spicy flavor. Plus: Meanwhile, vegetable milk alternatives are also added vitamins and calcium, so they are in no way inferior to cow's milk.

If you prepare your porridge with water only, you will have to dig a little deeper into the box of tricks and spices to ensure that the porridge is not only healthy and satisfying, but also tastes good.

Healthy vs. unhealthy: it all depends on the ingredients

Millet, buckwheat, rice and soy flakes or quinoa are also great for a healthy porridge for breakfast. The benefits: Plenty of plant protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates that are slow to raise blood sugar levels. An extra portion of vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium and B vitamins are on top.

Porridge in der Zubereitung

Depending on which milk or plant-based drink you use, you'll sneak a few extra nutrients into your breakfast. Soy and pea drinks are high in protein and perfect for a fitness porridge after a hard workout. Beware of plant-based drinks that contain added sugar.

A teaspoon of chia or flax seeds in or on top of porridge provides valuable omega-3 fatty acids that the body cannot produce on its own.

Fresh fruits as toppings are rich in vitamins and also make the breakfast sporridge colorful.

Nuts and nut puree in or on the porridge provide extra energy and healthy fats, lots of vitamin E and magnesium.

These are the preparation mistakes you should avoid

If you want to be on the safe side and make sure that your breakfast porridge made from oatmeal is really healthy, you should pay attention to the following no-goes.

1. Sweeten porridge with refined table sugar


White granulated sugar has been highly processed and no longer contains valuable nutrients other than simple carbohydrates. Better: coconut blossom syrup, date syrup or maple syrup, which still contain minerals. Chocolate lovers can mix a teaspoon or tablespoon of baking cocoa into the porridge without a guilty conscience and top it with cocoa nibs or two pieces of dark chocolate with a high cocoa content.

2. Too much of a good thing

Too much porridge, too many toppings (sad but true) or too much sweetness can also quickly turn porridge into a sugar or calorie trap. That's why: 50 to 70 g of cereal is usually enough to fill you up. Toppings are a must, but use them sparingly: A handful of fresh fruit, a teaspoon of nut puree, and a teaspoon of cocoa nibs, coconut flakes, or the like are ideal.

3. Porridge as a ready made product

Instant porridge is handy when things have to go fast. However, convenience products often turn out to be real sugar bombs. So be sure to check the ingredients list. Sugar, additives, flavorings and flavor enhancers have no place in a good porridge.

Tip: Already tried our Super Porridge from sprouted grain tried? Clean ingredients in raw food quality provide a healthy breakfast that gives you enough power for the day.

gekeimtes Super Porridge mit frischen Beeren und Nussmus

Is porridge a healthy breakfast for every day?

Absolutely! But breakfast doesn't always have to - and shouldn't - look the same. Vary with cereals, toppings and spices and create a delicious porridge variation every morning.

Porridge recipes and porridge variations for your breakfast

Porridge Rezepte are many, here are some of our favorite recipes.

  1. The basic porridge recipe

Let's start with the Porridge Grundrezept: For this, oat flakes are cooked in milk or water or vegetable drink and sweetener of choice to a creamy porridge. Vary the porridge with spelt flakes or other cereals, refine with spices (from anise to cinnamon everything is allowed), sweeten with maple, agave or date syrup and top the whole thing with fresh fruits, nuts and all other extras that you like.

Porridge aus Haferflocken in einer Bowl

  1. Porridge Variations

How about a classic berry porridge with vanilla, a gluten-free Buckwheat porridge with apples or a cinnamony Millet porridge with strawberry-rhubarb compote?

Buchweizen-Porridge mit Apfel-Blaubeermus

For all those who like it fancier: How do Bounty porridge with chocolate and coconut oder Schoko-Porridge mit Zucchini? Breakfast is ready!

Schoko-Porridge mit Zucchini und Bananenscheiben und Nussmus

  1. Overnight Oats, Porridge from the Oven and Pancakes

Also as Overnight Oats or as a baked variant aka Baked Oats tastes porridge as breakfast just great.


Overnight Oats im Glas aus mit Joghurt und frischen Beeren

And if it may be something special: Fluffy Porridge pancakes with mango and coconut. Hmmm…. :)

Conclusion: Porridge is so healthy

Porridge lives up to its reputation as a healthy breakfast. When preparing it, make sure not to use refined table sugar or escalate with the toppings. Instead, sweeten the breakfast porridge with natural sweetening alternatives such as date, rice or maple syrup and complement the porridge with fresh fruit, some nuts or a teaspoon of nut puree and a few chia seeds or shredded flax seeds.

The popular porridge is so clearly a healthy breakfast option for every day. Remember, the more variety you bring to the bowl, the better.

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