Vegan breakfast

Good days start with good breakfast.

Whether with a fruity smoothie, protein-rich porridge, creamy overnight oats or decadent pancakes: Start the day with plant power! We have the best breakfast ideas, tips, vegan recipes and lots of inspiration for your vegan breakfast.

Mehr als Frühstück!

Alles für die vegane Frühstückssause zu Hause

Veganer Brunch

So lecker, so einfach!

Schnelle Ideen für jeden Wochentag

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This comes on the vegan breakfast table

Are you more of a sweet or savory breakfast type? Do you prefer to start the day with an extensive brunch or do you need a quick breakfast to go? Is it important to have a lot of protein or should it rather be gluten-free? No matter how you like your breakfast, we've got your preferences covered.

Vegan basics for breakfast

Don't despair, ask Wholey. With these basics, vegan breakfast will be a success.

Let's get started

To go

You are always in a hurry in the morning? Vegan breakfast also goes to go.

Breakfast to go

Protein rich breakfast

Protein in the morning drives away sorrow and worries. All about vegan plant power.

Protein Power

Breakfast Edition

Vegan breakfast: Annoying Sentences Vegans Can no Longer Hear

"What, no cheese?!"....

Vegan Breakfast Love

Step by step to the perfect smoothie bowl

It has never been easier to start the day fresh than with Smoothie Bowls. With these tips you will knock up the perfect bowl.

Ai, ai ai: Açaí! The Superfood from Brazil

Whether it's a smoothie bowl, chia pudding or pancakes, açaí berries are the perfect addition to your breakfast.

These are the advantages of raw grains

Raw sprouted grains are the perfect source of energy for a vegan breakfast - especially for athletes*.

Breakfast Quiz

Personality test: What's for Breakfast?

No idea what to have for breakfast this morning? We tell you which breakfast type you are and which bowl therefore suits you best - plus topping ideas and preparation tips. Your breakfast is secured!

What's for breakfast?

How do you like your vegan breakfast best?

Discover your new favorite breakfast


I like it hot

For those who want a creamy, hot breakfast without spending hours stirring in the crock pot first. Get our vegan Hot Breakfast Bowls with the highest quality and hottest organic ingredients.

Hot Breakfast Bowls

I like it cold

Refreshing breakfast with lots of vitamins in less than 60 seconds sounds too good to be true? Not with our Frozen Bowls. We have four terrific flavors.

Frozen Smoothie Bowls

I like Porridge

Porridge lovers watch out: The vegan Super Porridge made from sprouted organic grains in raw food quality provides you with super powers for breakfast. Do you prefer Original, Cocoa Tigernut or Apple Cinnamon?

Super Porridge

I like it crunchy

Our Wholey Granola is made with a great mix of ancient grains and rolled oats. Enjoy as a crunchy topping on the bowl, with coconut yogurt or as a sweat treat straight out of the package.

Crunchy Granola