Schnelles gesundes Frühstück: Tipps und Rezepte

Quick healthy breakfast: tips and recipes

In the morning, you have to be quick. But grabbing a croissant or pretzel from the bakery on the way? Not a chance. Your healthy breakfast should be quickly prepared and balanced - and of course taste delicious. Does it always have to be oatmeal and porridge? Certainly not! We give you tips for a quick healthy breakfast and present seven simple recipes that are not only prepared in no time, but also provide variety on the breakfast table.

How to make a quick healthy breakfast?

There are many breakfast ideas. Some of them are impractical and require a huge amount of ingredients, preparation time and a cleaning crew to clean the kitchen afterwards. Others are ready to gobble down: Instead of important nutrients, however, cheese bread, croissants and packaged rice pudding often contain vast quantities of empty carbohydrates and refined sugar.

The preparation: It's prep time

Take some time this weekend to think about what you want to eat for breakfast in the coming week. Stock up on basic ingredients like oatmeal, chia and flax seeds, and plant-based drinks. Fruit is better bought fresh, depending on the variety. Frozen fruits like berries or mangoes are perfect if you don't have time to go grocery shopping often or want a touch of summer for breakfast even in winter.

Some recipes you can easily prepare the night before or even for up to three days. So you can grab your breakfast ready-made from the fridge and take it with you or enjoy it at home in the preparation time you have gained..

Variety: Change it up

For years, your breakfast has consisted of bread or rolls, scrambled eggs or a sweet pastry from the bakery? Then it's time for something new: Don't just treat your taste buds to a little variety, your intestinal bacteria are also happy about a varied diet. Bonus: With a new recipe, the joy of breakfast increases and the start of the day is a little easier.

Balance: Keep the balance

Nutrition philosophies and trends are a dime a dozen. But there's one thing they all agree on: balance is key. Vary your porridge with different cereals and toppings, use different legumes for spreads, and enjoy the full range of fruits that nature has to offer. Also, make sure you have a mix of carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins. A vegan protein breakfast is easier than it seems at first glance: spelt and oat flakes, pseudo cereals, nuts and seeds, soy yogurt, hummus or lentil spread and green vegetables are ideal plant-based sources of protein that you can easily integrate into your breakfast.

7 recipes for a sweet quick - and healthy - breakfast

Are you looking for breakfast ideas that are not only uncomplicated, but also easy to prepare and on top of that taste outrageously good, you've come to the right place. We provide you with inspiration for your quick healthy breakfast!

Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats mit Dragon Bowl im Glas

Oatmeal or Super Porridge Soak overnight in liquid, just topping in the morning and you have a healthy breakfast to go. Overnight Oats are not only a quick and healthy meal, but also very versatile: different flakes, spices, fruit, nuts or nut puree can be varied and combined to create new taste experiences. For example, what do you think of pinken Overnight Oats topped with a Dragon Smoothie Bowl?

Chia- oder Leinsamenpudding

Leinsamenpudding mit gelber Smoothie Bowl im Glas

Chia pudding is the quick breakfast with many health benefits. Valuable omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and protein make the small seeds a popular superfood. Too boring? We have a regional option for you: Flaxseed pudding! Comparable nutritional values and the similarly simple and quick preparation make the recipe a regional recommendation.

Bounty porridge with coconut

Kokos Porridge in Schale auf orangem Hintergrund

You'll only need a few minutes for this sweet breakfast complete with vacation spirit. The Bounty Porridge only needs to simmer for about five minutes and is then topped with plenty of coconut - ready is your chocolatey healthy breakfast without refined sugar.

Rice pudding with rice flakes

Schale gefüllt mit Schoko Milchreis und Toppings

Rice pudding does not need to be soaked in sugar or cooked for a long time: The prerequisite is that you reach for rice flakes and prepare your own quick healthy breakfast. Cooked in liquid, the Rice pudding with rice flakes simmer only about five minutes and be sweetened and topped as desired. Still too much effort? Then the Hot Breakfast Bowls made from rice flakes or spelt semolina is a good option for you. The hot healthy breakfast is available in six flavors.

Granola Bowl mit Obst

Schale mit Joghurt, Granola und Obst

Not in the mood for even the smallest action on the stove? Then a fresh Granola Bowl with creamy yogurt, fresh or baked fruit and topped with crunchy granola is just what you need. You're probably wondering right now if Granola gesund is, many products in the supermarket consist mainly of refined sugar, wheat flakes or cereal crispies and palm oil. You want buy Granola and not miss out on important nutrients or fall into the sugar trap? It's possible! Our Crunchy Granola consists of valuable ancient cereals, is sweetened with coconut blossom syrup and baked in coconut oil to extra crunchy clusters.

With a little more time is also Make granola yourself and create a small stockpile is a good option for quickly having a healthy snack on hand. This way you can decide for yourself how much sugar ends up in your breakfast..

Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie Bowl mit Granola und Orange

If you want to save time in the morning, frozen smoothie bowls are a must-have. Just put them in the blender with a sip of water, blend for about 60 seconds until creamy and your refreshing and healthy breakfast is ready. Now the fun can begin: Experiment with the different toppings and find the perfect combination of fresh fruit, crunchy nuts, crunchy granola and creamy nut puree.

Açaí Breakfast Smoothie

Rosa Smoothie mit Trinkhalm in Glas

If you're in the mood for a refreshing vitamin kick in the morning, a quick smoothie is the best choice besides a smoothie bowl. Our recipe for this Açaí Breakfast Smoothie with strawberries is not only super creamy, but also provides a large portion of antioxidants for breakfast. Mixed in the morning and filled in a well-sealable container smoothies are also ideal for on the go.

Schnelles gesundes Frühstück mit Brot

Sweet breakfast ideas are not your thing and in the morning you need something hearty? The classic sandwich with a topping of highly processed foods is unfortunately not a good idea if you value a healthy breakfast.

Bread is not just bread. Watch out for a healthy breakfast with bread always to reach for the variant from wholemeal. But you can also bake your own bread or rolls - it's easier than you probably think! You can even make a moist and easy vegan bread from oatmeal. If you freeze the slices, you'll always have something in the house when you're in a hurry in the morning. Together with the hummus that you have already prepared in the evening and freshly cut vegetable sticks, the simple healthy breakfast is complete.

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